This Man Rescued 4 Birds, Then 6000 Birds Showed Up On His Roof To Repay Him In This Way!

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“When a kind Samaritan rescued four birds, he thought he’d done a good and kind deed. But a little later on, he was repaid for his kindness in the most beautiful and amazing way ever. In fact, it was a sight that had to be seen to be believed.

Joseph Sikar was a man that lived on a quiet street in Triplicane, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Chennai, a coastal city in India. He earned his living by being an electrician, as well as pursuing his passion for photography and camera work on the side. There was nothing particularly special about Joseph; he was just an ordinary man living an ordinary life.

But one day, something completely unordinary happened to him. Joseph awoke early one morning and made himself a pot of coffee. It was always good for him to get some caffeine in his system before he started his day. As he sipped on the coffee, Joseph opened the door to his terrace to let the cool morning air in. But that’s when he noticed…..Read Full Story Here……………..

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