This Mum Couldn’t Stop SCREAMING Seeing Who She Gave Birth To!

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“This new mother’s screams could have pierced eardrums and shattered windows because of their sheer intensity. You wouldn’t expect a new mother to scream like that upon seeing who she had given birth to. Atina lay in the hospital bed, unmoving, as doctors operated on her. Suddenly, she twitched in her sleep and groggily, her eyes fluttered open like a butterfly coming out of its cocoon.

Her vision was blurry at first, and she couldn’t make out anyone’s face or the room she was in. But when it adjusted, she saw medical scrubs, gloves, and a nose mask holding what looked like a naked, shiny, sculpted baby. Confused and wondering if her eyes were playing tricks on her, she blinked a few times and looked again.

The scene before her hadn’t changed, which meant it was no mirage. She glanced around and saw she was in the hospital room where they had brought her to have her baby by C-section. Was the baby in the medic’s hands the baby? But she reasoned that it couldn’t be because the….Read Full Story Here..………………..

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