Flight Attendant Sees Late Husband On Plane, Then She Notices An Eye Popping Detail And THIS Happens!

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A few days after burying her husband, Nora returned to her job as a flight attendant. She was determined to forget her pains and face her job dutifully, but things took a different turn. She saw her late husband on the plane, which led her to a shocking discovery.

The priest stood in the center of the church, mumbling words of prayers while the choir chanted a farewell song. The entire church was solemn, and sobs could be heard around. Nora was clad in black as she sat in front of the church, gazing at the half of the casket. In it, her beloved husband lay still, his face already gray and stone cold.

Nora’s body shook in disbelief. She couldn’t believe her husband was gone and never to return. The words of the priest, which reminded her of eternity, didn’t make sense to her. She couldn’t wait for eternity; she just wanted her husband back. She would peer at the coffin, mumbling his name. But as the clock ticked and the altar boys finally closed the casket, reality dawned on her fully. Her mother-in-law, who sat next to her, also tried to console Nora but failed woefully. Both of them just sat with sore eyes, living in their fantasy. They still couldn’t come to terms with the loss.

Nora remembered the fond memories, and a smile lit up her face. The morning before her husband died, he had a movie shoot to direct. He rushed over to breakfast and grabbed his briefcase, which contained the hard copy script and a few other kids. Before leaving, he kissed Nora passionately; it was always their tradition every morning. Forty minutes after he left, Nora received a call from a strange contact to report at the accident unit of the city’s hospital.

She panicked and grabbed her purse, wishing it was a prank. But no, the call was from her husband’s phone; he had placed her number for emergency, and anyone could access it. She rushed to the hospital, and the doctor informed her that he had died from a concussion. Upon hearing the news, Nora fell to the floor and lost consciousness. She blinked back to reality as the undertakers lifted the coffin into the grave for the interment. She got up and followed them, wishing her husband didn’t have to leave home that morning.

As they arrived at the gravesite, the priest prayed, and the casket was lowered. Just then, Nora began screaming in anguish, preventing the pallbearers from doing their job. Nora had to be dragged away by her mother-in-law. The funeral was over, and Nora entered another phase of her life. The British Airlines she worked with had given her three months off to mourn.

She had already spent a month and a few weeks at home. She didn’t want to stay home any longer; staying at home only seemed to be worsening her depression. She had even been taking sedatives to sleep, so Nora decided that she wasn’t doing herself any good by staying at home. She needed to be up and doing. So she reached out to the management and informed them about her decision. They tried to discourage her, but when they saw that her mind was made up, they told her she could resume the following week.

The next week, Nora got up from the bed, feeling energized and thrilled. It had been a long time since she felt this way. She was glad that she had indeed made the right decision by coming back to work. Little did she know what was in store for her in the next two hours. Something would happen that would completely shake her world.

That morning, Nora was assigned as a flight attendant to a plane heading to Bristol City. She strolled through the business class part of the plane, checking on the passengers and ensuring they followed the flight safety rules. She walked further, and her gaze caught something shocking. She froze on the spot, and her mouth dropped open. Tears immediately welled up in her eyes, and her body began shivering out of deep fear.

Sitting a few meters away from her was no one but her late husband. His legs were crossed, and he was flipping through the pages of a magazine. There was a pack of waffles by his side, the same brand her late husband loved.

“Francis,” Nora whispered. She couldn’t believe that she was actually staring at her dead husband. On a second thought, Nora concluded that she was simply hallucinating; she just had to be. After all, she had buried her husband months ago; she had seen his body right from the embalming process to the final rites. This couldn’t be her late husband. She closed her eyes, pinched herself to see if she would wake up from the nightmare. But when she opened her eyes again, that man was still there.

Nora immediately began sweating. Maybe her husband pranked her, faked his death, and ran out of the city to start a new life. How could he sit there so relaxed while she had been messed up with dark thoughts? Nothing was making sense to her. She stood still for a while, hoping the scene before her would vanish. Once again, that didn’t happen; her late husband was still eating his waffles and flipping through his magazine.

Samantha and other flight attendants noticed Nora standing in an unprofessional position. Samantha observed Nora for a moment and was surprised at her strange behavior. She then walked over to her and led her into the cabin.

“Geez, you look like you’ve seen a ghost,” Samantha said as soon as they got into the cabin. She tried to inquire about the problem, but Nora was too stunned to speak. Her brain couldn’t even make the words, and her tongue felt glued to the roof of her mouth.

After fruitless attempts at trying to know Nora’s problem, Samantha concluded that she was still having PTSD from her husband’s death. She told Nora to remain in the cabin, and she walked out.

Nora remained in her seat, still trying to figure out what was happening. But staying in the cabin only made things worse. Nora’s heart began beating so fast, and she felt lightheaded. She needed to act very fast; she needed to confirm if that man out there was truly her husband.

So Nora ran out of the cabin and came face to face with the object of her fear. This time, the man was watching something funny on his phone that was making him laugh. Nora stared hard at his dentition; he had the same gap teeth as her husband, and he was even smiling like him. Definitely, this was her husband, or rather, her husband’s ghost.

Nora had never believed in ghosts, but now she did as she was looking right into the eyes of one. Slowly, Nora approached the man. Then she suddenly grabbed him, hoping that he would vanish or that she would grab nothing but air. As soon as she laid her eyes on him, the man jerked in alarm.

Nora immediately suppressed the urge to let out a piercing scream. The man thought Nora was mentally unstable because she was still gazing at him in disbelief. Fortunately, he seemed to understand that Nora might be going through a hard time, and he decided not to cause a scene. He signaled to Samantha and asked her to get Nora off the plane, as it seemed like she could use a day off. Afterward, he continued watching the funny video on his phone.

Samantha pulled Nora to the cabin and expressed her anger. She told Nora to vacate the plane, head home, and finish her break. Nora pulled off her locket and pulled out a picture. She handed it to Samantha to examine. Then she whispered, “That man is my dead husband.

Samantha froze as she saw the picture. She stared at Nora’s face, trying to make sense of the whole thing. Just then, the speakers in the plane resounded, and the pilot informed the passengers that the flight would be delayed because of technical issues.

Nora tried running out so she could use the opportunity to confront the man, but Samantha immediately stopped her. Samantha informed Nora of the possibility that the person could just have an uncanny resemblance to her late husband. She told Nora that her previous action had already placed the man on edge, and they couldn’t risk him taking legal action. So she asked Nora to remain in the cabin.

Nora just lowered herself on the sofa and wept. After a few minutes of crying, she was determined to know the truth. Who was the man in the business class? Forty minutes later, the plane arrived in Bristol City, and the passengers all disembarked. Nora slipped out of the cabin and infiltrated the passenger exit. She stepped out of the plane, and her eyes followed the man’s movements.

She kept a reasonable distance from him and kept following him. They stepped out of the airport, and he stood by the road and made a phone call. Nora hid behind the billboard and watched them. Occasionally, the man turned backward and stared around. Nora walked away from the billboard and hid beside a car. She had to be careful about her movement because the man might recognize her.

After a few minutes, a car drove towards him. “No, it can’t be,” Nora muttered in fright. The car was a blue Toyota Nissan, the same car her late husband loved. And though she almost thought it was the one, the car had been wrecked in the car accident. She quickly boarded the cab and asked the driver to follow the Nissan. The driver was hesitant at first, but she promised to triple his charge. The driver then started the car and followed their Nissan from a safe distance.

After forty minutes of driving, the Nissan parked in front of a restaurant. She watched as the man stepped into the restaurant. Then Nora pulled off her jacket; she was now left in a white shirt neatly tucked into a camisole skirt. She loosened her braids and walked into the restaurant. She sat at a good distance away from the man, but she could still see clearly everything he was up to.

Just then, something shocking happened. The man ordered a Scottish dish and grape wine, which was the exact delicacy her husband loved. Nora felt dizzy and almost felt like falling to the ground; everything was just so overwhelming.

She ordered a plate of chicken and waffles and headed to the cab. She didn’t have an appetite for the food, so she kept it. After what seemed like an eternity, the man stepped out of the restaurant and headed into his vehicle. He stopped at a tech shop where he bought a few items and went back into his car. After an hour of driving around the city, he finally headed to his estate. Nora took note of the particular apartment he entered and asked the cab man to drive her to the nearest hotel.

Ten minutes later, she stepped out of the cab. Nora moved into her room and slumped on the bed. Her phone rang, and she knew Samantha was on the line. She answered the call and explained everything to her. Though Samantha wasn’t happy with her actions, she urged Norah to be careful; her action could land her with a court summons.

After she got off the phone, she became completely restless. She paced around in the hotel room, breathing very hard. Tears came out of her eyes, and she wiped them off. Her heart skipped at intervals, and her pulse get outled. She was hungry, but she couldn’t eat; she just wanted the truth about everything. Time moved fast, and soon it was 10 p.m. By then, Norah had become very restless. She was now desperate for the truth, and she needed to know who was that man.

Not now, not the next day, but now. Determined, Norah hurried out of the hotel room and headed to his house. Her palms were sweaty as she breathed nervously. She arrived at his apartment and made to knock, but she noticed the lock had been broken. Norah immediately sensed trouble. She felt a sense of danger; had she made a big mistake by coming to his house this late?

Norah had always trusted her guts, and this time it was screaming at her to leave. Nora was about to take her leave when she suddenly heard the slight whimper; it seemed someone was in pain. She wanted to walk away, but her thirst for the truth heightened her curiosity. She pushed the door open, and the sitting room was dark. There was a faint light coming from the bar.

She followed the sound of the whimpering, and it led her to a dimly lit room. Norah immediately froze at the door as she saw something that filled her with dread. The man was tied to a chair while an assailant held a gun at him, asking for some codes. The man saw Nora and stared at her with pleading eyes. Although frightened, Nora knew she had to do something; she needed to save this man, whether he was her husband or his ghost.

Norah slowly crept out of the room. She spotted the rod, carefully grabbed it, and headed back to the room. She walked into the room just in time to stop the assailant from pulling the trigger. The assailant heard a movement in the room and turned towards her.

Norah swiftly wiped the rod on his head slumped on the bed. Her phone rang, and she knew Samantha was on the line. She answered the call and explained everything to her. Though Samantha wasn’t happy with her actions, she urged Norah to be careful; her actions could land her with a court summons. After she got off the phone, she became completely restless.

She paced around the hotel room, breathing heavily. Tears streamed down her face, and she wiped them away. Her heart raced, and she felt a knot of anxiety tightening in her chest. She was hungry, but her appetite had vanished amidst the chaos of her thoughts. She just wanted answers, the truth about everything that had happened.

Time seemed to both drag on and fly by simultaneously, and soon it was 10 p.m. Nora’s restlessness had reached a fever pitch. She was desperate for answers, for closure. She needed to know who that man was, not tomorrow, not next week, but now. Determined, Nora hurried out of the hotel room and headed to his house. Her palms were sweaty, her heart pounding in her chest. She arrived at his apartment and made to knock, but she noticed the lock had been broken. Nora immediately sensed trouble; a sense of foreboding washed over her. Had she made a grave mistake by coming here at this late hour?

Nora trusted her instincts, and they were screaming at her to leave. But then, she heard a faint whimper, the sound of someone in distress. Despite her fear, her curiosity drove her forward. She cautiously pushed the door open, and the dim light revealed a chilling scene. The man was tied to a chair, a gun pointed at him by an assailant demanding codes. The man’s eyes pleaded for help as he spotted Nora.

Fear gripped Nora, but she knew she couldn’t stand idly by. She crept back out of the room, spotting a rod nearby. With determination, she grabbed it and returned to the room just in time to thwart the assailant’s attempt to pull the trigger. She swung the rod, knocking the assailant unconscious. “You’re safe now,” she reassured the man, her voice trembling with adrenaline.

With the immediate threat neutralized, Nora quickly called 911, and help arrived shortly after. After the assailant was arrested, the man expressed his gratitude to Nora. Curiosity piqued, he questioned why she was there. Nora explained her mission and handed him the picture of her late husband, hoping for clarity.

The man, Nathan, examined the photo with disbelief. He denied being the person in the picture, explaining that he was a website developer and cybersecurity expert, co-owning a social app called Blings. Nathan recounted how the assailant had attempted to extract confidential details from him, a dangerous situation from which Nora had saved him.

Relieved that Nathan wasn’t her late husband, Nora sighed deeply. She had ruled out one possibility, but more questions lingered. She thanked Nathan, promising to keep in touch. Returning to her hotel, Nora mulled over the events of the day, her mind swirling with a whirlwind of emotions and uncertainties. Despite the relief of knowing Nathan wasn’t her husband, she was still plagued by the mystery of his doppelgänger’s identity.

As days turned into weeks, Nora resumed her work, sharing the tale with Samantha, who cautioned her to remain vigilant. Yet, Nora couldn’t shake the nagging feeling that there was more to uncover. Then, an email from Nathan arrived, apologizing for the delayed response. He expressed interest in meeting Nora’s biological mother, revealing his compassionate nature.

Excited by the prospect of reuniting her family, Nora relayed the news to Miranda, her mother-in-law, who was overcome with emotion. A date was set for a dinner where they would finally meet. As the day approached, Nora busied herself, preparing Francis’s favorite homemade meal, confident that Nathan would appreciate it too.

The evening arrived, and a knock on the door signaled Nathan’s arrival. Emotions ran high as Miranda opened the door, momentarily mistaking Nathan for Francis. Tears flowed freely as mother and son embraced, the years of separation melting away in an instant. Over dinner, they shared stories and memories, laughter mingling with tears of joy.

Nathan expressed his condolences for Francis’s passing and vowed to be there for his newfound family. As the night wore on, the bond between them grew stronger, fueled by love and shared experiences. Nora couldn’t help but feel a sense of peace, knowing that she had played a part in reuniting a family torn apart by circumstances beyond their control.

In the warmth of that moment, Nora realized that while life may be filled with unexpected twists and turns, love has the power to heal even the deepest wounds. And as she looked at Miranda and Nathan, she knew that their journey was only just beginning—a journey filled

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