He Kicked Out His Wife When He Found Out The Kids Weren’t His. You Won’t Believe What Happened Next!

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Thomas kicked out his wife, Kathy, when he discovered that the three kids weren’t his. He wanted nothing to do with them, but years later, something unbelievable happened. The expression on Thomas’s face as he entered his home that evening was enough to scare away the hardest criminal. Thomas flung his briefcase on the table, then he sank into the sofa with his face buried in his right palm.

Kathy came into the living room to warmly welcome her husband, but Thomas was in no such mood. He gently shoved her away as she came close enough to him. Kathy asked Thomas what the problem was with a sneery face, but instead of answering, Thomas brought out a small brown envelope and tossed it on the table.

Kathy reached for the envelope when Thomas suddenly blurted out, “Those three things that Lizzy left for me are not mine. The DNA test I took with the triplets yesterday just confirmed it.” Cathy was shocked beyond words; she just stared at Thomas and back to the document with her mouth agape. The three triplets she had loved so much for 3 years weren’t biologically related to her husband. Kathy wondered.

She was still lost in deep thoughts when Thomas blurted out, “You know what, darling? Let’s just bundle those three little things tomorrow morning and go dump them in some orphanage where they rightly belong.” But Kathy was having none of that. The three kids that she had loved and cherished like her own kids to be dumped in some orphanage like they were unwanted puppies? No, not her three beloved stepkids. That’s not possible.

“Thomas, you can’t just…” but Thomas rudely cut Kathy off and thundered at her, “This is my house, and my rule goes. I can’t keep on training another man’s kids. They call you Daddy and they call me Mommy, so please, Tom, reconsider, okay?”

Kathy was almost close to tears now as she pleaded with Thomas. Cathy further tried explaining to Thomas that it was not the triplets’ fault to start with. According to Cathy’s arguments, it was all Lizzy’s fault; hence, Thomas shouldn’t punish the innocent kids in that manner just because of his ex-wife’s sins.

But Cathy’s words were like pouring water on stone; Thomas’s mind was already made up. So he screamed at Kathy, “Those three little things are leaving my house this evening, whether you like it or not!”

“Then I’m leaving with them,” Kathy responded in a quiet but firm voice. Thomas wasn’t expecting that from Cathy, so the words immediately sent chills down his spine. But he recovered fast enough to shout at Cathy on top of his voice, “So you’re choosing a bunch of strangers over me, Kathy? How can you call triplets that I’ve loved as my own, as our own, for 3 years strangers?”

Kathy replied, “That did it for Thomas. He was done with all these back-and-forth arguments. It was now time for action.” So he rushed upstairs, grabbed Cathy’s biggest traveling bag, and dragged it outside the house, almost falling in the process.

Cathy was screaming at Thomas in a pleading voice to stop what he was doing, but he rushed upstairs again, came down with more stuff, and flung them outside. Just then, the triplets, Will, John, and Amanda, came outside where Kathy was bending over her stuff, crying and screaming at Thomas at the same time. They had heard the noise of the commotion from their room where they had been playing with their toys.

Amanda was the first to join her beloved mother in crying; soon, the two boys followed suit. Thomas was quite pleased to see the three kids all outside as he came out to fling the very last of Cathy’s stuff at her. By voluntarily coming outside, the kids had really made it easier for him to throw their stuff outside next.

Without wasting time, Thomas ran into the kids’ room and started doing to all their stuff what he had just done to Cathy. Kathy suddenly sprang up and rushed to Thomas. She tried to grab him by the waist to prevent him from continuing his mission, but Thomas was too fast for her.

He quickly turned around and gave her a really hard shove that sent her crashing to the ground. Seeing their beloved mom treated as such only increased the crescendo of the kids’ cries, but Thomas ignored the cacophony of tears. Kathy drew herself up and quietly walked over to her beloved triplets.

She then drew all three of them into a tight hug while consoling them with kind words and patting down their hair. Barely 30 minutes after he started, Thomas was done with the cleaning of the house. All Cathy and the kids’ stuff were littered on the floor outside like a war zone.

Thomas then dashed back into the house to call an Uber. While Thomas was still inside, Kathy started picking most of the scattered stuff and throwing them into bags. Any bag the stuff would be sorted out later, she reasoned. By the time the Uber driver arrived some 20 minutes later, Kathy was done. The triplets crowded together close to their beloved mom. They were all quiet now, but their eyes were still clouded with tears.

Thomas didn’t even come outside to see his wife and kids leave. The Uber driver dropped Kathy and the kids at the apartment of her younger sister, Mary, who was shocked to see them that night. Kathy didn’t sleep at all; she kept crying silently and tossing on her bed in anguish.

Kathy went down memory lane and remembered how she had met Thomas 4 years ago. She had lost her job as a bank’s janitor and was desperately searching for another job. Then she came across an opening online for a nanny. The kind-hearted Kathy had always loved kids a lot; hence, she was more than willing to take up the offer.

Kathy duly applied for the offer and was promptly called for an interview. She was overwhelmed with happiness for the prompt response from her potential employer. But when Kathy got to Thomas’s home for the interview, it soon dawned on her that she must have gotten more than she bargained for. To start with, Thomas talked to her quite rudely; moreover, he seemed so impatient and quick-tempered that he flung a thick-covered book at Kathy simply because she asked him to repeat a question.

Cathy ducked on time, and the book flew over her head like a missile. Of course, Thomas immediately apologized for his action, but the damage had been done already. Like a consolation to Cathy for his violent action, Thomas hired her as a nanny to his three kids 2 days later.

Kathy began work right from the first day. The three kids got glued to her like a magnet; she showered her love and care on them. Kathy simply took them like her own biological kids. Even Thomas was happy to see how his beloved kids warmed up to their new nanny. He would always beam with joy whenever he saw Kathy playing with the kids.

Over time, the bonds between Kathy and the triplets kept growing stronger; soon, the trio were even calling her mom. One particular afternoon, Thomas asked Kathy to clean out his room, and she got to work. By then, he had gradually been opening up to her and treating her more nicely.

About 30 minutes later, Thomas walked into the room only to find Cathy engrossingly reading a letter. Kathy turned towards him at once and froze in shock. Thomas glanced at the letter Kathy was still holding in her hands and discovered that it was the same letter that Lizzie had written him before her departure.

Kathy must have found the letter while cleaning out his wardrobe where he had abandoned the letter. Kathy was by then shaking with fear from head to toe, thinking that Thomas would go mad at her. But the reverse was the case; Thomas gently collected the letter from Kathy’s hand, flung it on the floor, and impulsively hugged her.

Cathy was shocked beyond belief. “Is this a dream or something?” she wondered. Then Thomas disengaged from the hug, sat on the bed, and told her everything about his life with his ex-wife Lizzy, whom he had been in a relationship with for 3 years. Then, just a year after giving birth to the triplets, she had disappeared into thin air with her new lover.

Lizzie had written the letter as a goodbye note. Thomas was trying very hard to force back his tears as he completed the story. Kathy felt so much pity for Thomas that she didn’t even know when she hugged him and told him that everything would be fine. It also dawned on Kathy at that moment that Thomas wasn’t a heartless man, as he had made it seem. He had just been going through a lot and taking out his frustration on others.

That afternoon marked the end of Thomas and Cathy’s boss-worker relationship. Shortly after, they started dating; things happened so fast between them that 6 months later, they tied the knot. Kathy was then no longer a mere nanny but the legal stepmother of all the triplets, and what a good mother she was to them.

Cathy literally spoiled the triplets silly with love. Everything was going very well for the new couple; they were so much in love with each other, and the triplets were all happy too. Until something tragic happened. It all began one cold evening.

That evening, Thomas was drinking with his best buddy Sam when he asked Sam about a mutual friend of theirs named Tony. Sam explained that Tony was a total shadow of his former self after he had discovered through DNA testing that his only son wasn’t his biological son.

Tony had discovered his wife, and shortly afterward, his wife had fled with the poor boy, leaving Tony lost, confused, and hopeless. That afternoon, and already drunk, Sam told Thomas that he needed to run a DNA test, as none of his triplets looked a bit like him. Sam was laughing conspicuously as he threw the jab at Thomas. Thomas was extremely pissed; this was not the first time he had heard such comments.

A lot of close relatives, friends, and associates had said these same words to him. Thomas decided to run the test once and for all, determined to put naysayers to shame. A few days later, without even telling Kathy, Thomas picked the triplets from school and drove them down to a hospital for a DNA test.

And that was how Thomas came back home that memorable evening, shattered and broken. Cathy and the triplets stayed with Mary for 2 months. Mary, who lived in a two-room apartment, worked a decent-paying job. She tried her very best to provide everything that her sister and her stepkids needed. It was obvious to Kathy that Mary was really struggling to provide for them all.

Kathy, never willing to remain a financial burden on her sister for a long time, started making some serious efforts to find work at all costs. But because of her lack of college qualifications, the only jobs that Cathy could secure were menial jobs. Yet, she persevered. She worked as a road sweeper, a hotel janitor, and a restaurant dishwasher at certain points in time.

Finally, Kathy was able to save enough money to rent a single-room apartment, which she moved into with the triplets. To say that Cathy found it very rough taking care of the triplets alone would be an understatement; it was pure hell. She would sometimes go hungry for days, drinking only water just to make sure that her beloved kids had enough to eat. In fact, her experience was better imagined than experienced.

One very hot summer afternoon, barely 5 years later, Kathy was coming back from church with her kids. They were all walking and sweating profusely under the hot sun when an expensive SUV pulled up in front of them. The man in the SUV wound down his glass and beckoned to Cathy to hop into the car with her kids.

At first, Kathy had wanted to politely decline the offer, but when she thought about the cost of the transport fare, she agreed. The man driving the car was a middle-aged man who introduced himself as Richard. He told Kathy that he was a widower; his wife had died of cancer 5 years ago.

Richard further told Kathy that he had assumed that she was a widow when he saw her walking alone with the triplets under the hot weather. So, he had taken pity on them and decided to offer them a ride. After Richard finished speaking, Kathy contemplated opening up to this stranger, but something inside her convinced her to trust Richard.

So, Cathy opened up to him and told him everything from A to Z. Richard was perplexed after listening to Cathy’s touching story. What kind of woman would go to such lengths to care for another woman’s kids, the kids of her husband’s ex-girlfriend for that matter? Richard kept asking himself.

At long last, Richard dropped Kathy and the triplets at their apartment. But before he left, Richard gave Cathy his business card and told her to visit him at his office the next morning. Early the next morning, Kathy was at Richard’s very posh office. Richard warmly received her; he asked her a few personal questions before he went down to business.

Richard asked Kathy if she would be willing to work as a secretary. Cathy screamed, “Yes, I would love to!” The salary package that Richard offered Kathy was mind-boggling for her; she had never even dreamt of touching such money before. She knelt down and profusely thanked Richard.

Barely a week later, Richard rented a new flat for Kathy and her triplets. Cathy was overwhelmed with joy. Richard was like a godsend to her; he literally changed her story overnight. Richard and Kathy kept getting closer by the day, and before they knew it, they could barely do without each other.

Months later, Richard, who had actually fallen in love with Kathy at first sight, confessed his feelings, and guess what? It was mutual. Just a few months later, Richard proposed to Cathy, and she said a big yes. Afterward, they had a simple wedding. Richard wholeheartedly accepted the triplets as his own children; he loved and cherished them.

Together, Richard and Cathy raised the triplets into young, disciplined, and intelligent kids. Meanwhile, since Thomas had kicked Kathy out, it had been one misfortune after another for him. The firm he was working with got downsized, and that was how he lost his job. To make matters worse, he got scammed of his life savings. As a result, he went into severe depression.

Thomas was penniless and lonely at that point; he also began to miss Kathy. After all, she had been his strength. Soon, Thomas took to alcohol, but it only multiplied his troubles and messed with him mentally. Few months later

, Thomas couldn’t even afford to pay for rent anymore, so he was thrown out of his apartment.

That was how Thomas found himself sleeping in the streets and begging to survive. One afternoon, almost 16 years later, Thomas had kicked Kathy and her kids out. It was Cathy’s birthday, and Richard had wanted to celebrate it in a big way for her. The couple and the triplets were all in an SUV heading to a picnic when Cathy sighted the beggar by the roadside.

Kathy was in a very happy mood, so she brought out a $100 bill and flung it at the beggar. The beggar picked up the note, and when he saw that it was a $100 bill, he was so overwhelmed with joy that he started racing towards the car to greet the good Samaritan. Luckily, the SUV slowed down a few meters in front of him as the overhanging traffic light turned red.

The man, with eyes shining with gratitude, knocked on Cathy’s window. She unwound the glass, and who else stood there staring at her but Thomas, dressed in rags and looking so dirty with unkempt hair and beards. The two were stunned beyond belief; they stared at each other like in the movies.

“Is that you, Cathy?” finally screamed Thomas, almost close to tears. “Yes, it’s me,” Thomas said Cathy, then pointing to Richard, she continued, “This is my husband, Richard.” Thomas stood there with mouth agape, staring from Cathy to Richard. Then pointing at the back of the car where the triplets were seated, Kathy continued, “These are your triplets, and they are all doing well in college.”

Thomas was already crying by now; he wanted to say something, but then the traffic light turned green, and the SUV sped off, leaving Thomas standing there, dumbfounded. He chased the car like a madman until he realized that it was a futile venture. So he finally collapsed on the pavement and started crying profusely.

How hard he cried; Thomas regretted kicking out Kathy, the only woman that had truly loved him and his triplets. Do you think that Thomas deserved to be forgiven by Kathy and the three kids after what he did to them? Feel free to share your comments with us in the comment section. Thank you for watching; see you in the next video.

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