Mother Sets Up Hidden Camera, Catches Her Husband In An Act That’s Swept The Whole World

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Mother sets up hidden camera, catches her husband in an act that swept the whole world. Hidden cameras are usually used for either home security or just spying on other people. However, some of the videos caught wholesome moments too. For instance, nanny cams reveal funny things kids do when nobody is watching or just animals not exactly acting as animals. But when a mom set up a hidden camera, she didn’t know what to expect.

When she saw her husband doing a surprising thing, the woman set up a nanny cam to see what her kids were doing while she was away. It was also a good way to save some great memories together. But when she looked at the video from that morning, she couldn’t believe her eyes.

As we said before, there are a lot of useful ways for hidden cameras. Some are placed to give you a sense of security, while others offer us a way to check on our beloved family members when we’re away. This mom had no idea she’d discover a gem when she played that video.

Gone are the days when you had to use a huge recorder to catch on tape your kids’ first steps or when they began talking. You can now use a nanny cam and see all the adorable things they do. Take, for instance, this mom’s video that featured her two kids.

Since she had to go to work, this mom of two placed a nanny cam to check on her kids from time to time and left the husband home to take care of them. Little did he know he would be caught in the act. The videos would also be great to send to the kids’ grandma, though mom read Wina.

After setting up the hidden camera, she had no idea she’d witness such a moment later that day. This video got viral overnight. The idea of nanny cams is quite simple: you set them up to record, and then you check the videos on your smartphone.

There have been plenty of people discovering baffling facts about their families and babysitters thanks to these hidden cameras. From catching thieves in the act to babysitters abusing the children under their care, these hidden cameras have helped families around the world over the last few years. But nothing had prepared Rijuina for this video she was about to see.

Thinking she would see her baby and daughter right from work, the mom set the nanny camera on a table in the living room. In the lunch break, she opened the app and saw a video that she just had to share with her colleagues. When they saw the video, her colleagues urged her to share it on YouTube because it was going to soon go viral, and it did.

Because this dad has just become our favorite dad in the world. Let’s watch him in action. Rijuina knew she would record some cute moments of her kids and send them to their granny. But this time, she caught something else altogether. It’s not difficult to imagine her reaction when she saw her husband do an unexpected thing.

In just a few hours, her husband became a viral sensation. The video starts with the footage of the two kids in the living room. The baby bounces in their stroller while the little girl is playing around with pom-poms in front of the TV. Meanwhile, the father is doing laundry and came in the hallway to check up on the kids.

In the background, you can see the TV that has the lyrics for Katy Perry’s hit and the song filling the entire room. Soon, things get wild. The baby keeps bouncing in the stroller and watching his older sister jumping with her colored pom-poms, trying to dance to the song. They’re having a great time, but things are about to get better.

As he puts down the laundry basket, the dad notices his daughter dancing in the living room. So, pressing pause on the house chores, he cannot resist to Katy Perry’s tune. He starts doing quite a dance routine. First, he impresses the kids with the robot moves. And as he approaches the room, things are about to get better.

From lip syncing to dancing, this video has it all. He may look a bit beefy, but this dad has quite some moves. He’s a graceful dancer showing us all the dad moves, adding a few ballet tricks as well. These photos are more than adorable. He’s not done yet, though.

The dad is dancing for both his elder child and the baby, jumping with the bouncer and being all goofy. The two kids are loving every second of it, but things go wild when his daughter gives him the pom-poms. His daughter asks him to get the pom-poms, and she insists he has to use both of them. He obliges and goes through quite a sassy cheerleader routine.

This dad has all the moves. As the song gets close to an end, the dad drops a pom-pom, the epic mic drop becoming one of the best moves we’ve seen in the video. Then he goes back to his chores, not knowing that his dance routine was caught on camera. Well, nobody knew how great this dad was until the secret video surfaced online.

It’s so great to see him entertain his kids, and his wife decided that she had to let those moves become famous. The wife saw her husband’s dad moves, and she thought it was both hilarious and adorable. After all, many kids would love to have a dad get down and dance with them, even though he is busy.

Mike Jordan uploaded this funny video in 2015 on YouTube, writing he has the dance moves of a goat having a seizure. But the kids like it, and so far the video gathered nearly three million views and over six thousand six hundred comments. Best dad of the year award goes to whoever, he has commented Susanna Danielle.

Gabriel Klopp agreed that this man is a dad who loves his kids. The video’s title was “Mom Finds Out How Dad Watches the Kids,” and some viewers complained that this title was misleading. Vidi Caddy wrote, “From the title, I thought this guy was a child abuser. Boy, was I wrong.”

One year later, Lisa Roth uploaded a video titled “Hidden Camera Captures Dad and Daughter Dancing to Justin Timberlake’s Can’t Stop the Feeling.” We have to say this dad also knows how to boogie with his daughter. Rijuwina had no idea this video would go so viral in just a few weeks. Now she knows that moment her husband started dancing with the kids will forever stay with her.

Her man may have all the dad moves, but it’s the kids that he has to impress, and he’s doing a great job. Now we can only hope his daughter won’t learn dancing from him if she wants to become a cheerleader.”

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