I Am Looking for a Man Who We Have Kids With Me

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I want to be a mother. I have never been sure of anything as this my entire life. It has always been an innate desire of mine. I don’t know what I saw or who I saw being a mother that filled me with a great need to birth my own children and raise them in a good and happy home. I believe motherhood is a calling. Some women go through it to fulfill social and family obligations. I have heard some women choose motherhood when they are tired of all the disappointments men keep serving them. They just say, “I will let a man impregnate me then I will go on and raise the child on my own.” I want to believe I, have been called to motherhood.

I believe mine is a calling because of this little need that finds me whenever I am thinking about my life and where it’s going. Left to me alone I would have had kids long ago but I am always unlucky when it comes to relationships. I am like one of those women who have been served plates of disappointments by men one too many times. Every time I meet someone new who seems promising, I tell myself; “This is it. This is the one I am going to have my babies with.” But at the end of the day, things wouldn’t work out.

As I am here writing this, I am not getting any younger. The more I try to do with my life, the urge to become a mother gets stronger. It is as if my soul disagrees with all the ways I try to fill my life that isn’t about having kids and raising them. I keep getting this push that suggests I am taking too long to fulfill my purpose.

I keep holding off on starting this journey because, first, I believe it has to be done properly. And then, it has to be done with the right person.

When I say properly, I mean, I grew up poor. I watched my parents struggle to provide for me. I don’t want the same for my children. I want them to be kids. The kind who don’t get to pass up their childhood because they are worrying about money. I want to give them everything they want before they find the words to ask. That’s why I need to do it with the right person. A man who is willing to provide for his family.

I understand that the world has changed. I know that family dynamics are changing. Mum and Dad go to work and the kids stay in the care of a trusted relative, a domestic help, or a school teacher. I understand it is convenient to outsource the care of kids but it is not for me. I don’t want to leave my children in someone else’s care while I go to work. I want to be a full-time mum. I intend to be present in my children’s lives taking care of their every need so I can bond properly with them. This is why I need a man who is ready to be a father.

Although I have not given up on finding love, my need to honour this call of motherhood keeps burning in me. That’s why I am here on this page hoping to meet someone I can walk this talk with. A man who is a provider. One who yearns to be a dad just as I want to be a mum. Someone who will provide for me and our child.

I want to be a hands-on mum. I want to dedicate my life to raising them in love and not struggle. I don’t want to have to worry about what they will eat or wear or where they will sleep. I want them well provided for so that I can concentrate on them as a mother should. I will dedicate my life to building their character and nurturing them.

I’m happy to start my own business so that I can work at my own pace. That way I can attend to my family. I would like to meet a loving, caring, provider, to do this with. Age doesn’t matter to me. If there’s any man here who wants to do this with me, kindly send a message to the admin of the page.

These days women are shamed so much for choosing the domestic life but I know what I want. It is the life of a homemaker and I’m unashamed to own it. I am kind, loving, caring, and nurturing. You should see me for yourself.

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