We Did On Night Stand, What Happened Next Left Me In Regrets

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After my marriage fell apart, I decided to stay single and do my best to raise our daughter. Because I was the one who got custody of the child, my ex-husband left me to bear full responsibility for the child. When it comes to feeding, clothes, school fees, school uniforms, books, and all other needs she has, I take care of it all. This man hasn’t even contributed a dime as child support since the divorce.

I have been the only parent in my little girl’s life. This hasn’t afforded me a lot of time to have a social life. All I do is work and be a mother. I haven’t had time to date. And until recently, I hadn’t had shuperu in so many years. My girl is now seven years old and is growing beautifully. Somewhere last month, my sexual frustration got the……Read Full Story Here.………………

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