What the gorilla did to a tourist in the jungle shocked the whole world!

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When Polina arrived in Africa, she never expected to find herself in such a situation. The girl was met by a guide at the airport, who, along with his friends, took them to the hotel. The journey took several hours, during which the jeep shook and swayed over every bump. The guide explained the area and repeatedly warned that it is better not to walk through the jungle alone.

During the trip, Polina noticed a large dark spot among the trees. The shadow began to approach the girl. It soon became clear that this was a huge gorilla, which was clearly unhappy with the violation of its territory. A grimace of anger and sharp fangs distorted the animal’s face. Suddenly the gorilla moved its head and continued to approach. Polina automatically took a step to the side, but her leg hurt. She remembered the main rule when meeting a bear – pretend to be dead. Polina lowered her hands and lay on the ground, hoping that the gorilla would lose interest in her. Closing her eyes, she tried to breathe as quietly as possible.

Soon, hoarse breathing was heard behind the girl. The animal slowly walked around Polina, touching her arms and legs with its huge paws. When she accidentally touched her injured ankle, the girl let out a muffled groan of pain. The beast instantly pulled back its paw and dragged Polina over its shoulder somewhere. Inside, the girl felt that all her hopes were crumbling.

She felt the terrible thought that she had been brought into the den to become food for an animal. At this moment, Polina greatly regretted her unpreparedness. She did not know what gorillas eat and did not even pay attention to the information about the fauna before the trip. There was no opportunity to resist or escape. Therefore, the girl grabbed the thick fur on the animal’s back so as not to fall to the ground.

The gorilla dragged Polina into a narrow cave and threw her to the ground. The girl hit herself hard and injured her knees and palms. She immediately turned around to face the animal and pressed her back against the stone. Polina tried to make herself invisible, but could not hide her injured leg. However, the gorilla did not pay attention to this. The beast settled down near the entrance to the cave and watched the rain. He did not approach the girl and did not even look in her direction.

The girl began to move. Having received no reaction from the gorilla, she decided to take a chance and try to escape. Polina rose to her knees and walked towards the exit. It was painful and uncomfortable. She focused on the unpleasant sensations and did not notice how the gorilla suddenly approached. The animal suddenly appeared in front of her, bared its sharp fangs and let out a deafening roar. The girl was numb with horror when she saw the powerful muscles of the animal in front of her. Polina understood that she had no chance against such a strong opponent. The gorilla pushed her on the shoulder, pushing her towards the wall.

Returning to her place, Polina noticed that the animal had settled down at the entrance and again fixed its gaze on the wall of rain. At that moment, a guess came to her: the gorilla was not attacking, but saving her. She moved the girl to a safe and dry place, and now protects her from possible predators. No one will dare to touch Polina, since the gorilla will not allow it. Sighing with relief, the girl remembered the phone. She checked the backpack, in which all the contents were wet, but Polina tried to dry the phone. When the device lit up with a signal, she called the emergency services and explained her situation. She was asked to stay where she was, keep her phone on, and wait for rescuers. The gorilla watched the conversation with interest, but did not show aggression.

Polina wanted to thank the animal, and she handed him her food. But the gorilla looked at the bread with disbelief. Polina broke off a piece and ate it to show that it was safe. The animal realized that she was offering him food and took the treat. A few hours later, rescuers found Polina, and her fear of the gorilla completely disappeared. When the animal turned to the girl, she threw a backpack over her shoulders. The gorilla lifted Polina onto his shoulder and carried her out of the cave into the clearing. Then the animal escaped from the people, disappearing between the trees.

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