When This Hot Girl Married an Ugly Guy Without Jaw, Everyone Laughed. Years Later, They Regretted It

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Everyone treated Joseph with disdain because of his strange looks. They asked him never to leave his house because seeing him gave them nightmares. His neighbors told him no one would ever love him. But one day, Joseph met a beautiful girl, Vania, and what happened next will leave you in tears.

“What on earth is this?” one nurse screamed when she saw the baby. The news about Joseph’s strange looks spread rapidly. Everyone in the community claimed that he was somewhat related to Bigfoot or Yeti, but nothing could be further from the truth. You see, Joseph was born with a rare medical condition called otofacial syndrome.

It is a rare congenital deformity in which a person is born without a mandible and consequently without a chin. This condition comes with complications that no one would wish upon their worst enemy. Sadly, it’s what Joseph will have to endure for the rest of his life. But thankfully, the world is no longer a terrible place for Joseph after he met the love of his life, Vania. However, what this man went through before he met Vania would break even the strongest of hearts.

Joseph’s condition left him unable to speak, breathe properly, or eat. The doctors placed the tubinous trachea to help him breathe, and he eats through a tube in his stomach. This means Joseph has never tasted food or water. Sad, right? But that’s nothing compared to the vile treatment he received from people, and it all started with his dad. As soon as Joseph’s dad saw him, he denied him right on the spot. He broke up with his mother, moved out of the house, and no one ever saw him again.

A couple of days after Joseph’s birth, he was taken to a hospital in Illinois for bone and skin graft surgery. Unfortunately, it failed. Things got worse from this point onward, and Joseph became a subject of constant bullying. Strangers took to their heels whenever they saw him. Poor Joseph wanted to go to school like every other kid, but most schools rejected him, claiming he would scare the other kids away.

Speaking of one of his traumatic childhood experiences, Joseph said, “We had no mirrors in our house because my mom didn’t want me to see myself in them. But one day I found a mirror in her bag. When I looked at myself in the mirror, I screamed. I had goosebumps all over my body for days. I was haunted, and I couldn’t sleep. I asked my mom where God lived so I could visit him and ask for another face. I also thought maybe it would be best to live with God since he wouldn’t mock me.”

When Joseph turned six, his mother gave up on him, and she put him up for adoption. “I used to hold my mom’s hand every night and beg her not to leave me. I would always tell her I can’t survive without you, but she left me. I felt very lonely and scared,” Joseph wrote in one of his written interviews. Fortunately for him, Joseph’s adoptive family was very kind and loving to him.

They taught him how to communicate through sign language. But despite this, growing up was still tough for him. Joseph’s neighbors, relatives, strangers, and classmates made life unbearable for him. Joseph’s classmates pulled a painful prank on him that affected his self-esteem, and he contemplated taking his life after the incident. His classmates set up a girl, Jade, to woo him and get him to fall in love with her so she could break his heart and humiliate him. What a cruel joke to play on someone.

During the times when Joseph and Jade were friends, he was happy. “As a poor man that stumbled on a bag of gold,” Jade played her role as well. She would often hold Joseph’s hand in class and tell her classmates that Joseph was the most handsome man she had ever seen. She openly declared her love for him and sent him sweet texts in the morning and at night.

Although Jade was expressive, Joseph wasn’t. He was scared of getting hurt, so he treaded carefully. But Jade continued leading him on until he became vulnerable and eventually let her into his heart. So one day, Joseph sent her a text message: “These past few months have been beautiful all because of your friendship. Each night I sleep with a big smile on my face. Thank you for seeing through me, Jade. At first, I was scared of opening up my heart to you.

I am very happy, Jade. With love, Joseph.” The next day, when Joseph got to school, he was shocked to see cardboard pasted all over the walls. Written boldly on the cardboards was the message he had sent to Jade the previous night. Joseph’s classmates mocked him and told him that his relationship with Jade was a setup. They claimed they did that just to find out if he had a heart or not. “So you have a heart? So you are capable of loving? We thought aliens don’t love. Doesn’t that mean you’re human?” they laughed. After this harsh treatment, Joseph vowed not to let anyone into his heart again. But that was until he met Vania.

Before then, his self-esteem suffered a great deal. But his adoptive mother stood by his side. She constantly assured him of her love and encouraged him to believe in himself and rise above his limitations. Despite this support, Joseph was still insecure about himself until one life-changing encounter. When Joseph turned 30, he watched an inspiring video about Nicholas James Vujicic, an Australian-American Christian evangelist and motivational speaker who, despite being born without arms and legs, is living his dreams.

After watching Nick and reading about the great heights he attained despite his disability, I told myself that I would no longer hide from the world. Ready to redefine himself, Joseph learned welding, and after a few years, he became an expert. His parents opened a small workshop for him, and as fate would have it, Joseph met Vania, the love of his life, at this workshop. One day in 2019, Vania came for some repairs at the workshop, and she chatted with Joseph as if she had known him for a long time.

She knew sign language, and she cracked many jokes that made him laugh until his ribs hurt. As they communicated through sign language, they stared into each other’s eyes and smiled like teenagers in love. The connection was instant and unexplainable. As Vania was leaving, she flashed a warm smile at Joseph and told him, “Take care.” While watching her walk away, Joseph’s heart pounded mercilessly. He felt very nervous and excited at the same time.

He loved the way he felt around her. For once, he wasn’t ashamed of his looks. He was so glad that she understood sign language. Joseph spent the rest of the evening thinking about Vania, wondering if he would ever see her again. And guess what? He did.

The next weekend, Vania visited his workshop. After they chatted for a while, she asked if she could feed him through his tube. Joseph agreed, and she fed him, smiling like a girl reading a love letter. “When I saw him, the first thing that came to my mind was, ‘Oh wow, he has beautiful eyes, and he looks like a gentle soul.’ I instantly felt like I wanted him to be a big part of my life. He looked sad, and I told

myself that I would be the reason behind his happiness,”

Vania explained the two got closer, and they started dating. Vania protected Joseph as if her life depended on it, and he did the same. They loved each other passionately and had a lot of fun, ranging from quiet moments at the beach to full-on adventures and so much more. Every moment seemed extraordinary.

Everyone was shocked when they learned about Vania and Joseph’s relationship. They couldn’t believe someone as beautiful as Vania would date the “alien-looking” Joseph, as they often called him. “She’s only using him to cure her evil fantasies, and she will dump him soon. No one would ever love that ugly thing,” they mocked. But soon, these people would regret their words.

In 2020, much to everyone’s surprise, Joseph married Vania. “It was one of the happiest days of my life. When I put the ring on her finger, she burst into tears and held me tightly. She said, ‘Joseph, my heart is bursting with joy. We adore each other, and nothing will change that,'” Joseph said. No one believed this couple’s marriage would last a month, but it’s been three years already, and the couple’s marriage continues to thrive.

Finally, it dawned on the naysayers that the love the couple shares is boundless, fearless, and unstoppable. “Those who used to mock them now look up to them. They used to be a laughing stock in the community, but now we respect them a lot. Whenever we see them together, it reminds us of the power and beauty of love. No one is perfect, and we should never have judged Joseph based on his looks. We regret everything we did to him,” Joseph’s neighbor said.

Now that Joseph has Vania by his side, he vows never to let his physical limitations hinder him from living his life to the fullest. “You see, it doesn’t matter how you look. There is someone out there who would love you to bits. So please don’t give up on love. If you enjoyed this story, then turn on your notification bell so you don’t miss out on more stories like this.”

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