When This Man Proposed To His Girlfriend, He Didn’t Expect A Grilling From Her Toddler

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“When Jasmine Brandon got engaged to her boyfriend, Ian Fauler, one of the first people the couple told was her son. However, it turned out that the little boy did not give his blessing at all. In fact, his first response was to give Fauler a grilling. Brandon lives with her young family in Frankfurt, Illinois. She’s the mom of two small children, including her charismatic little boy, Asher. In 2018, Asher was 4 years old and just starting to make sense of the world around him.

Describing her inquisitive toddler in January 2018, Brandon told the Daily Mail, ‘Asher is constantly asking questions and yearning for more knowledge. His imagination is huge, and if you have a problem, Asher is bound to have a solution.’ While Asher was hungry for knowledge, he was about to get an unwanted lesson in love.

For 5 months, his beloved mother had been dating her partner, Ian Fauler, and in January 2018, Fauler decided that the time was right to ask Brandon to be his wife. Fauler wanted everything to be perfect for his proposal, so he placed his engagement ring on a table and scattered a trail of rose petals through Brandon’s living room. Then, when the time came, he got down on one knee and surprised her by popping the question.

Brandon accepted Fauler’s proposal, and the pair enjoyed a few minutes soaking up the moment together. However, before long, there was a little four-year-old champing at the bit to get in the room. ‘After Ian proposed, we had about 10 minutes before Asher came crashing in, asking questions,’ Brandon told the Daily Mirror. At that point, a relative decided to film little Asher’s reaction to his mom’s big news. ‘My bonus stepmom started recording because, knowing Asher, she was sure he’d have something hilarious come out of his mouth,’ Brandon explained.

And the toddler did not disappoint. In the footage, Asher picks up the now-empty ring box and inquires, ‘What’s this?’ His mom explains that it once held the jewelry that’s now on her finger. Then, she asks her adorable little boy, ‘Do you know what rings are for?’ It turns out that Asher is not familiar with the symbolism behind the engagement ring, except to say that they’re for people to wear. So his mom decides to enlighten him. ‘Come here and I’ll show you,’ she tells her curious kid.

Brandon proceeds to show Asher her ring. However, his first reaction is to try and rip the bling from his mom’s finger. She tells him not to, explaining to him that it’s an engagement ring. When she asks Asher if he knows what engagement means, he replies, ‘That you gotta keep it on all night, even when you sleep.’ Brandon tells her son that he’s right in a way but is keen to expand his knowledge further. ‘It means before you get married,’ she explains. However, Asher is having none of it. ‘I want to marry you!’ he cries, not even attempting to hide his disappointment.

Brandon explains that she’s already promised herself to Fauler. However, Asher continues to protest. ‘No, Ian!’ he shouts, shocked. Fauler responds, ‘It’s not okay that I marry your mom,’ to which Asher replies, ‘No, I want to marry my mommy!’ Attempting to reason with the four-year-old, Fauler asks, ‘I treat her real good, don’t I?’ But Asher refuses to come around. ‘I do, too,’ he replies, much to the amusement of his onlooking family. ‘I’m going to marry my mommy, you will not,’ he adds, taking hold of Brandon’s hand for extra emphasis.

After Asher’s outburst, Brandon decided to share the footage online, and it certainly proved popular with her Facebook followers. Since going live in January of 2018, the video has attracted more than 450 reactions and more than 100 shares. And among the congratulatory comments for Brandon and Fauler’s engagement were countless words of praise for Asher.

‘Poor Asher,’ one comment read. ‘He’s so adorable. I love how direct he was when he walked right up to Ian and then stood by Jasmine’s side.’ But while Asher’s reaction may have come as a surprise to those who don’t know him, his mom knew what he was like. ‘Asher has always been a mommy’s boy,’ she told the Daily Mirror. ‘I expected a reaction like this out of him. He becomes very territorial over me.

But after the video of Asher went viral, Brandon was keen to clarify that he and Fauler get on very well indeed. ‘Despite his reaction, Asher loved Ian, and the first time he told him so, it was a very sweet moment,’ she said. Brandon revealed that her engagement was not the first time that Asher showed an interest in romantic relationships. ‘Asher’s obsession with marriage came when his father got married in November, and it sparked his interest since then,’ his mom revealed.

In fact, after Brandon’s engagement, Asher began thinking long and hard about what he wanted from marriage, and he concluded that his main priority was to find a girl who was willing to live as close to his beloved mom as possible. Whatever the future holds for little Asher, Brandon just hopes that his sweet personality continues to shine through. ‘I’ve always thought he was the funniest kid around, and it’s incredible to see others witness what a little joy he is too,’ the proud mom said.”

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