When This Mother Saw What She Gave Birth To, She Couldn’t Stop Screaming

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“Having a baby is always an exciting and scary time, but when this mother saw what she had given birth to, she couldn’t stop screaming. In 2017, Dara Crouch thought that her second pregnancy could hold no secrets.

A labor and delivery nurse had already gone through everything once when she had her first child three years ago—a daughter who she and her husband, Eric, had named Kneeland. At the time, the 29-year-old woman from Columbus, Georgia, in the United States of America, thought that her second pregnancy would be just as simple as the first and that she would be welcoming her second daughter into the world before long.

Having worked at Saint Francis Hospital for seven years, Tara had made many friends, and she was lucky to have her best friend and fellow nurse, a woman called Camille, assist with her pregnancy. Tara had even told her friends that she believed that she would be having a second daughter and that she was glad that Camille would be there to…….Read Full Story Here………..

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