While Cleaning Her Daughter’s Grave, She Heard a Frightening Noise Coming From The Coffin Then She..

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Hannah was cleaning her daughter’s grave when she heard a frightening noise coming from the grave. What happened next is not only shocking but would also expose a dirty secret sure to get you angry. When Hannah’s daughter Fatima passed away, she was buried before Sundown according to her father’s religious Customs. Although Hannah wasn’t particularly religious herself, out of love and respect for the man she married, she had no qualms about her daughter following in his footsteps.

This situation repeated itself, although with a little twist when Fatima ended up marrying Ethan, someone who shared the same non-religious values as Hannah. Fatima and Ethan were crazy in love with each other. This is why, even though Ethan was racked with grief, he managed to bury his wife the way he knew she would have wanted. When Ethan first met Fatima, it was outside a fancy restaurant. Ethan was having issues with his car and somehow lost control due to his brakes failing. He rammed into Fatima’s car right as she was about to enter the parking lot.

Ethan, despite knowing that he couldn’t cover the cost of the repairs, offered to pay for it. He admitted to Fatima that he couldn’t pay everything off at once, but he was willing to come to some kind of arrangement. But rather than get angry, Fatima let it slide, took her car for repairs, and paid for it days later. The two met again at some acquaintances wedding. Fatima sought him out, and they started talking. It was such a beautiful conversation, and it felt as if they had known each other for ages. No doubt they had some kind of chemistry.

So when Ethan asked if he could take her on a date, she happily agreed. The two started learning about each other, and Fatima got to know about Ethan’s struggling business. Being the heir to a large multinational company, Fatima used their influence to get Ethan a high-paying job. Her father disapproved of their relationship because he felt like Ethan wasn’t good enough for his daughter, and he outrightly refused when Ethan asked to marry her. But the couple persevered, and when Fatima’s father saw how much they loved each other, he eventually gave his consent.

Now Fatima was gone, and Ethan was devastated and holed up at home with his two-year-old son Jamal. After the burial, everyone except Hannah left the graveyard. The elderly woman stayed back for a few more hours, desperately wishing none of this had happened. Hannah lived some hundred miles away from her daughter’s family, but after the burial, she decided to spend the next few weeks with Ethan and her grandson to see them through the grief.

When she left the graveyard, she headed for her son-in-law’s apartment. When she got there, it was a huge mess. The whole house was turned upside down, and little Jamal was crying, but his father seemed oblivious to the little boy’s cries. “Oh my poor baby, your daddy left you alone, didn’t he?” she asked as she scooped him up from the floor. She removed his dirty diaper, ran him a bath, and afterward fed him some food. The baby calmed down and was soon asleep. Hannah tucked him in and went back to the living room. Ethan was still nowhere to be found.

She checked all the rooms and finally found him lying prone in the middle of his study amidst empty bottles of alcohol. She shook him until he finally woke up. He sat up wearily and rubbed his bloodshot eyes before belching loudly. “I understand that you just lost the love of your life, but you have got to pull yourself together. Someone has to be there for Jamal,” Hannah advised, even as she was close to tears. She knew she needed to be strong for everyone. “I’m sorry, Anna, but it’s so hard without Fatima. I still can’t bring myself to believe that she’s gone forever,” Ethan replied with tears.

“I understand, but you need to be strong for Jamal now. I will clean the house. By the time I’m done, I expect you to be bathed well, best, and then we will sit for dinner,” she said and took the remaining bottles of alcohol away from him. Hannah set about cleaning up the house and cooking. When she was done with dinner, she called Ethan down, but he couldn’t eat anything. He was still struck with grief.

After dinner, Hannah told her son-in-law, “I’m going to see her tomorrow.” Ethan simply responded, “I’ll give you a ride.” That was the end of their conversation. They went to bed, but Hannah couldn’t sleep. She tossed and turned on the bed as memories of her late daughter troubled her mind. The next morning, Hannah woke up early and headed to her daughter’s grave. There was no tombstone yet; leaves were scattered everywhere, and the flowers on the grave were haphazardly arranged.

Hannah started picking the leaves around. She put everything in a pile and then started arranging the flowers. She was almost done when she heard moaning sounds. Scared, she looked around, but she didn’t see anyone or anything. She continued cleaning up. Then she heard the sound again. She stopped what she was doing and tried to listen more closely. The sound seemed to be coming from inside the grave. Hannah was scared. She hurried down to the Guard Station.

“Hi, please, I need help. I can hear sounds coming from inside my daughter’s grave,” she said to the guards that were on duty. The guards looked at her and shook their heads. “Ma’am, you must be mistaken. It’s windy today. What you probably heard is the sound of the wind.” “Please, I’m begging you,” she pleaded. “I’m certain the sound is coming from my daughter’s grave. If you could just check it for me, I’d be more than willing to pay you for the trouble.”

The guards reluctantly followed her down to the grave. They also heard faint moans coming from the grave and started digging right away. After some time, they dug the grave open enough to reach the coffin and lifted Fatima’s body out. To their surprise, they realized Fatima was still breathing, albeit shallow breaths. They called 9-1-1, and then an ambulance rushed Fatima to the hospital, where she was revived.

After running tests on her, the doctors found poison in her system. Hannah was shocked at the news. Who could have possibly poisoned her daughter, and why? Fatima didn’t have enemies despite working in a cutthroat industry. After spending a couple of hours with her still-exhausted daughter, Hannah decided to head back to Ethan’s so she could make some food and bring it to the hospital for Fatima.

When she got home, she met Ethan looking better and packing bags. “Where are you heading off to, Ethan?” she asked, surprised. The sudden change in Ethan’s demeanor and energy level threw her off, and for a minute, she forgot that she initially meant to tell him that Fatima was not dead. “Oh, staying here makes things harder for me, so I’m leaving town for a while with Jamal. We will stay at Mom’s place just until I get myself together again,” he replied. “That’s a great idea. I hope things go the way you want,” she said, feeling sorry for the young man. “How

did the cleaning go? You look quite exhausted. Let me pour your glass of wine while I get dinner ready,” he replied.

Hannah took a seat at the kitchen table while Ethan busied himself opening a bottle of wine. Behind her, for some reason, her gut told her to avoid telling her son-in-law that his wife wasn’t dead, at least for the time being. She didn’t really suspect him of any wrongdoing, but she felt she needed to be cautious. For now, the only person she could trust was herself. Just then, she took her phone to call her husband, but she saw Ethan’s reflection on the screen.

What she saw him doing shocked her to the core. It was brief, but she saw him slip something into her glass before pouring the wine. To protect herself, she stood up as soon as he approached with the wine and knowingly bumped into him, making him drop the glass and spilling wine everywhere. “I’m so sorry. Let me help you clean that up,” she offered. “Nah, don’t bother. Just go and clean yourself up. I will have another glass ready for you by the time you get back,” he replied.

Hannah made a show of leaving the room, but instead, she hid behind the door. She couldn’t believe what was happening before her eyes. Why would her wonderful son-in-law try to poison her? Did this mean he had something to do with Fatima’s death? Well, she was just about to find out. From her hiding place, Hannah watched as Ethan boldly slipped something into the wine again. And this time, she caught everything on camera.

She waited until Ethan was out of the kitchen before grabbing the glass of wine and pouring it into a bottle. She slipped out of the house and headed straight for a police station, where she explained everything that had happened. The wine sample was eventually tested, and sure enough, it was a match for the poison found in Fatima’s system. The police arrested Ethan, who confessed to both crimes.

He had tried to kill his wife so he could inherit her wealth, all because his business wasn’t doing well. He had tried to get rid of Hannah because he knew she would come in the way of his plans, stopping him from taking over Fatima’s businesses. Ethan broke down crying and begged for forgiveness, but it was too late. He got the maximum sentence for attempted murder. Fatima eventually made a full recovery and went back to being a mom, a businesswoman, and a beloved and grateful daughter.

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