White Cop Arrests 9-Year-Old Black Boy. But He Immediately Regrets It When He Saw His ID

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When a cop arrests a 99-year-old black boy, his confidence and arrogance lead him to believe that he can get away with anything he wants. But the boy’s father has seen the situation unfold, and when he flashes his ID, the cop immediately regrets his decision.

Evan gave chase as the young black boy ran down the street, shouting for his parents. It wasn’t a fair fight, though. The boy was young and small, and Evan was a 35-year-old man who hit the gym most days. Within a few seconds, he caught up to the boy and grabbed him by the arm.

Pete had watched the unreal scene unfold in front of him. The rookie cop felt out of his depth, but he knew that there was something off about the situation, so he quickly came to his senses and followed Evan.

As the young cop approached, he saw the senior officer slap a pair of handcuffs on the young black boy’s skinny wrists. The boy was shaking now, and huge sobs were erupting from him. Pete’s heart sank. This wasn’t how cops were supposed to act.

As he tried once again to get Evan to see sense, the situation became heated, and an argument erupted between the two police officers. All the commotion of the argument and the boy shouting and crying attracted attention from people in the neighborhood. Curtains had begun to twitch, and front doors were being slowly pulled open.

But what Evan didn’t know was the house they had stopped outside of was the young boy’s home, and his father had heard his cries. The front door swung open with force, and a man marched down the path. Evan told the man to stop where he was, still in his arrogant belief that he could get anyone to do what he said. But Pete looked at the man and saw a furious look that spoke of much more than anger over his son being arrested.

There was much more to this situation than anyone currently realized, and soon Evan would regret his actions. If he had to be honest, Pete was glad that someone was finally about to humiliate his colleague.

Evan came from a long line of cops, and sadly, he developed an attitude that made him think he could do whatever he wanted. His arrogance made people fear him, and he rose through the ranks with relative ease, thanks to his connections, which only served to overinflate his confidence even more.

He often looked down on the people he worked with and anyone he met, believing that he was better than them. Although everyone knew that this wasn’t the right attitude to have as a police officer, no one dared to question him. They all knew how powerful and terrifying Evan’s father and grandfather had been, and it was clear that the young cop was heading in the same direction.

Evan’s mother would despair at her son’s attitude, and she split from his father for the same reasons and hoped that Evan wouldn’t end up like him. She tried her best to raise him right, but he had always looked up to the men in his family, and as such, it didn’t take long for him to adopt their attitudes too.

His mother constantly warned him that people would refuse to work with him, and professional and personal relationships would be difficult if he didn’t change his attitude. But Evan refused to listen. After all, what did she know? His father and grandfather had done just fine in their careers, so no one would be able to touch Evan.

That morning, Evan and Pete went out on patrol. Evan hated taking rookie cops out, but he did see it as a chance to put them in their place and let them know exactly who they were dealing with. In that sense, Evan was pleased to have someone else to take control over. Pete seemed like a quiet and nervous character, and Evan smirked to himself. Breaking in this rookie was going to be easy.

They had been cruising around the neighborhood for around 20 minutes when Evan suddenly slowed down the car and craned his neck to look at a young black boy riding his bike. Sensing that his senior officer was on to something and keen to learn all the ropes, Pete asked what he was doing.

Not even thinking that Evan was watching the young boy, the arrogant cop replied that he was watching the child because he was acting suspiciously. Pete let out a little chuckle, assuming that Evan maybe just had an odd sense of humor. But when the officer shot him a sharp look, Pete suddenly realized that he wasn’t the joking type. He sank into a seat and went quiet, feeling embarrassed.

Now it was clear that Evan was being deadly serious about the young black boy. As he pulled the car over and continued to watch the child, by now Pete was starting to feel uncomfortable. The boy couldn’t have been any older than nine, and to him, it looked like he was just innocently riding his bike through the leaves that had fallen from the trees.

Something about Evan’s attitude seemed off, and Pete got a terrible sense that the situation was actually about the boy’s skin color and nothing else. The rookie cop had heard about corrupt and racist cops, but he’d never imagined he’d end up on the job with one. Pete was torn. Maybe as a rookie, there was something that he was missing out on that Evan had seen.

Once again, Pete attempted to voice his opinion and learn on the job. He asked what Evan thought the boy was up to, as he could only see that the child was riding his bike and having fun. But the response he got to the question shocked him. Evan told Pete to stay out of it and that he just needed to sit back and learn from him.

But when the senior officer stepped out of the car and headed towards the boy, something told Pete he should follow. Evan marched up to the boy, who was still riding up and down the street, seemingly unaware that two cops had been watching him and were now approaching him.

Pete still wanted to believe that Evan had seen something and that his bad attitude toward other cops was just part of who he was. It was sure that the officer would approach the boy with a firm but tender attitude that a child deserved. But when Evan barked at the child to reveal his name and address, Pete was taken aback. Now he was more convinced than ever that Evan was only addressing the child because he was a black boy.

He began to splutter out his protest at Evan’s attitude as the boy looked terrified once again. Evan spun around in silence. Pete, the rookie, felt his face flush, unsure of what to do. He remained silent as the young boy began to cry under the pressure of Evan’s questioning. But the hard cop didn’t soften and persisted with his barrage of questions.

Suddenly, the boy abandoned his bike and ran off towards his house in desperation. But Evan saw it as his confirmation that he’d been right to stop the boy. He didn’t even once consider that the child might be scared and confused and just trying to reach the safety of his parents.

Pete tried to stop Evan, but the angry cop pursued the young boy and quickly caught up to him. Evan was furious and pulled out his handcuffs, slapping them on the child’s thin wrists. The black boy was shaking now, and huge sobs escaped his body. Pete begged Evan to take off the cuffs, which resulted in an argument erupting between the two cops.

Unbeknownst to Evan, the young black boy had almost made it home, and when his father heard the crying, he immediately sensed that it was coming from his son and crashed out of his house. Evan saw a man coming towards them and immediately ordered him to stay back.

The situation had now become very heated. The boy was still frantically crying, and Pete was trying to calm him down whilst also trying to wrap his head around what was happening. The angry man looked between Evan and Pete, and the rookie cop immediately knew that there was much more to this situation than they’d first thought.

The man exploded in rage as he questioned what Evan was doing. He was as angry as any father would be seeing their young son in handcuffs. But there was something else that no one else knew. The man flashed his ID in front of the cop’s face, and suddenly all the color drained from Evan. The arrogant smug look was gone, replaced by a look of immediate regret.

The man’s ID revealed that he was the new police captain, Joshua Alexander, due to start tomorrow. Evan had just arrested his superior’s son with no good reason for doing so. But rather than admit he was wrong, Evan began to make up a story about how the young boy had been causing trouble outside people’s homes, which is why they’d stopped him.

The captain looked at Pete, and when he caught the look on the rookie’s face, he knew that what Evan was saying was all lies. Evan continued, though, not realizing he was digging himself an even bigger hole. He falsely said that they had received many reports from the neighbors about the disturbance the boy was causing.

Pete was horrified. He couldn’t stand back and listen to Evan’s lies any longer. Although he’d tried to stop his senior officer, he now felt guilty for not doing more. But Evan had done to him what he’d done to countless rookies before him. He’d scared him into submission. This incident could completely end Pete’s career before it had even properly started. The rookie knew that good cops shouldn’t act the way Evan had.

So he finally broke his silence. He told Captain Alexander the truth about how the senior officer had immediately assumed the boy was up to no good and terrified him with all the questions. Captain Alexander was furious that Evan seemed to have been acting in a racist manner towards his son and decided the issue needed dealing with formally back at the station.

For once in his career, Evan was silent as the seriousness of the situation dawned on him. He’d been allowed to act in this manner for so long that he believed he could continue to get away with it. After interviewing Pete and other officers, Captain Alexander uncovered numerous similar incidents in Evan’s past.

It was clear that the cop was corrupt and racist, and the new captain didn’t want someone like that in the force. If he was willing to act in that way to a child, there was no knowing what he would do to an adult. Evan’s attitude and arrogance were dangerous.

When the captain called Evan into his office, the corrupt cop still had an air of confidence about him. He’d talked his way out of situations before, and he believed that with the captain being new, he’d be able to get himself out of this with nothing more than a bit of a telling off.

But he didn’t realize that everyone had finally turned against him and had revealed his true nature to the captain. No sooner had the office door closed when Captain Alexander revealed that Evan was fired. The confidence he’d entered the room with was knocked straight out of him as he immediately realized what this meant.

With evidence of corruption and racism on his record, Evan would never be a cop again. And suddenly, the regret he’d felt outside of the captain’s home came creeping back. He begged the captain to reconsider, but it was no good. Captain Alexander had no interest in running a precinct with corrupt cops in it, let alone one who’d wrongly arrested his son just because of his skin color.

Thankfully, Pete wasn’t painted with the same brush as Evan and was actually commended for trying to stand up to the corrupt cop. This incident was a huge learning curve for everyone at the precinct, as the new captain made it clear that he wouldn’t stand for such behavior.

He told them that they should always speak up if something wasn’t right, just as Pete had done. Captain Alexander was confident that with his attitude, Pete would go far in his career as a cop, serving the community as he should. He made him an example of what a good cop should be.

Evan had thought the rookie to be nervous and shy, but he turned out to be braver than anyone else. As for Evan, for the first time in his life, he felt real regret over his actions. He lost his whole career, and making a new life for himself would be difficult with racism on his record.

Arrogance and anger had kept him at the top of his game for a long time, but ultimately, his mother had been right. They had been his undoing. Now it’s over to you. What do you think of this story? Do you think Evan got what he deserved? We’d love to hear your thoughts, so please leave a comment below. Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you in the next video.

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