White Neighbors Call Cops on 9-yr-old Black Boy, Then They Immediately Regret It

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“Evil neighbors called the cops on a 9-year-old black boy, hoping he’ll be removed from the neighborhood. But then they immediately regret making the call. Even at just 9 years old, Tristan was well aware that not everyone in the neighborhood was friendly towards his family.

They hadn’t been living there long, but the young boy had seen the suspicious glances he would get when he was out riding his bike, or how his mom and dad would smile and wave at some of the neighbors, only to be ignored in return.

His parents had wanted to move to a quiet neighborhood, and when they’d seen the perfect house up for sale, they knew it was the right time. They immediately fell in love with the house, and the quiet, tree-lined road with its neat yard seemed like the perfect place to bring up their son. When they’d first moved, they’d been delighted and keen to get to know their neighbors, hosting get-togethers and barbecues to integrate themselves into the community. And for the most part, people welcomed them. But their new street was right in the…….Read Full Story Here……………….

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