White Woman Gives Birth To a Black Baby. Dad Bursts Into Tears When He Discovers The Reason!

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When Harry encountered six black girls desperate to belong, he offered them a home. But just 20 years later, they did something unbelievable to say thank you. Being deep in Africa was a change of lifestyle for Harry; it was very far from the streets of Brooklyn.

But here, at least, he felt like he was doing something worthwhile. So when he went into the first orphanage of his trip, he was motivated. When he came across six young, beautiful black girls, they were apart from everyone else.

At first, Harry didn’t think much of it; he simply thought the girls had their own little friendship group and were huddled on purpose. But then he sat and observed the nature of the rest of the children all running around and playing. That’s when he noticed something quite strange: the body language of all the other children began to indicate that there was something wrong with the six sweet girls. The other children seemed to be deliberately keeping a distance between them. For what reason, Harry struggled to fathom.

Deciding to figure it out for himself, he approached the girls to see what they were doing and just to spend a little time with them. As he got closer, he saw that they were all drawing peacefully together. Some of them were more skilled than the others. They were all drawing some sort of peaceful picture with the common concept of having a rainbow. Sitting down in the circle, Harry tried to talk to them, but they just handed him some paper and broken crayons to join them in their drawing marathon. After doing this for a few minutes, Harry could sense that the girls were all heavily weighed down by something. His intuition was saying that something was terribly wrong, and he always listened to his gut. As ex-Special Forces, this was something he valued a lot.

When the orphanage director explained, he couldn’t help but feel completely shocked. She told him of the legend about girls who were born under certain weather conditions. It was believed that they were bad luck to the community and everyone they were connected to. As a result, they were ostracized from their people and families to be left to fend for themselves. While these were archaic beliefs, they were still strongly upheld by many communities around the area. This was honestly just so shocking for Harry. Living in this day and age, he never imagined the community being so harsh and cruel like this. His heart bled for the sweet little girls. After all, they hadn’t asked to be treated this way; they were just born at the wrong time to the wrong people. That’s ultimately what it came down to.

Harry looked on at the sweet girls, and he knew right there and then that he had to do something. When he inquired why the girls hadn’t been adopted, she explained that they probably never would be considering the stigma attached to them among the girls. Their ages ranged from 4 to 12, with 12 being the oldest. They were polite, sweet little souls who were just longing desperately for a home and someone to love them. And Harry decided that he would do just that.

In a spur-of-the-moment decision, he decided that he would put in an application to adopt all six of the sweet girls. Naturally, this was met with a fair amount of astonishment. The staff at the orphanage looked Harry up and down as if sizing him up. They probably didn’t believe that a single man like himself could take on six little girls. Little did they know about his training and how good he was with groups of people. Their skepticism was further worsened by the fact that he was only meant to be on sabbatical in Africa. He had come there to help out the local communities and give back to a war-torn area. He wanted to help where he could after being on the other side of the conflict. So to the locals, he was a confused mercenary, not exactly the dad type. But they didn’t realize just how wrong they were.

The more Harry thought about his decision, the more right it felt. He was determined to take the six sweet girls away from such a toxic environment back to America, where they could get the chance to lead a normal life and maybe even excel in whatever areas they would grow into. So he put in the application to adopt all six girls and went home. He had to get his affairs in order, get a bigger house, set up their rooms, and enroll them in school. Once he had everything in order, he had to wait a gruesome 8 months before he could go pick up his daughters.

When he arrived at the airport back in Africa to pick up his daughters, he was met with six very smiley faces. He could tell how excited they were to be coming home with him; he was just as thrilled. He knew just how much opportunity America would afford them, unlike their homeland. Once back in America, their true story began. Coming from the sandy, deserted area the orphanage was located in, New Jersey was like a wonderland they had never even dreamt of. The cute suburban house Harry had bought was like a palace to them. The fact that they each got their own room was even more astonishing.

It was a little traumatizing for them; they were so used to huddling up on their shared mattresses that they felt strange sleeping so far apart. Harry hadn’t realized how unsettling that would be for them, so he gladly offered up his room for them to share while he bunked down the hall. Whatever they needed, he was willing to provide. Slowly but surely though, as time passed and they grew more acquainted with American living, things changed. They realized that having and sleeping in their own rooms was far from the worst thing in the world. They liked having their own space, and so began their transition from their traumatic childhood, slowly moving towards a healed future.

Harry tried everything he could to facilitate their change of living, but naturally, he ended up spending a little more time with the youngest girls, aged four, five, and six, as they were struggling the most. They had grown quite attached to Harry and wouldn’t let him do anything on his own; they were always right by his side. Of course, it wasn’t super easy getting them used to school. This was something they had struggled to get while in Africa; their schooling up until this point had been quite rudimentary, with very little structure. So school posed quite a challenge for them.

Harry was worried about this, of course. He knew that one of the best ways to get ahead in life was to do well academically. He wanted them to face the adversity that a formal education offered them. He also knew how important it would be to help them assimilate to their new home. Every morning, he would get the girls up for some breakfast and try to motivate them as much as he could. This was needed more for the older girls; Gigi, Mari, and Jea were the oldest. They were pre-teens desperate for their peers’ approval but also lovers of good literature. The way Harry found this out was simply brilliant.

His parents had always read him a bedtime story growing up, so he decided to do the same. He never really anticipated the reaction he was going to get, though. Gigi and Mari, especially, were simply thrilled by the storytelling. Their reading skills were quite poor, so he had to read the books to them, but their interest and intrigue were so important, and they yearned to learn to read. Soon enough, what ensued was nothing short of brilliant. Every day when the girls came home from school, they would tell Harry all about the library and the books they had read. They put together an extensive reading list that they had every intention of finishing and would find any spare time to dive into a book. Harry, of course, was thrilled by this. He loved the fact that the girls were into reading; it was a great model to set for the younger girls.

Pretty soon, the whole family had their noses in books. Every afternoon it became a ritual after dinner; every night they would brush their teeth and settle down with their books in the living room. It was a picture of love and pure intrigue. Unfortunately, though, not everything was sunshine and rainbows for the sweet girls. They faced quite a bit of discrimination at school. The fact that they came from Africa did not bode well with the student body. The other middle schoolers didn’t quite understand that the girls came from a completely different country; never mind the fact that they were from an orphanage. The children struggled to understand the girls and were often not so friendly.

But every day when the girls came home from school, clearly upset about what they had faced, Harry stayed steadfast and encouraged them to continue trying to make friends. He explained that unlike back home, these children didn’t fear them; they just didn’t understand them. Sometimes the people who are the meanest are just the most scared. He encouraged the girls to keep trying and staying as kind as possible and that soon enough, they would break down the tough exterior they were experiencing from others. Sure enough, after a few months had passed, the girls were coming home in a completely different attitude.

They were thrilled to go to school now that they had friends and were not the center of attention for everyone else. This confidence helped them improve their language skills, which then allowed them to participate in more school events. Harry’s life was soon taken over by band practice, dance recitals, and even chess club. He watched with extreme pride as his daughters slowly began to thrive in the life he had provided for them. His mind flashed back constantly to the image of the six little girls huddled in the corner of the orphanage, looking dejected. Contrasting that with the beautiful image of the girls building their lives now at school and thriving was simply all he needed in life. He was beaming at the fact that he could provide this life to his children.

He felt it was the very least he could do considering all the violence there had been at his hands. Sure, he had chosen to be a part of the Special Forces straight out of school, but he wasn’t exactly proud of what he had done. He found this family type of living far more rewarding. As the girls progressed through school, they slowly began to become more and more American. No longer were they the little kids from a far-off land that couldn’t speak English, but instead, now they were like any other American and were pulling it off well.

By the time graduation started happening, Harry couldn’t help but beam with pride. All six of his girls were becoming increasingly popular for their work ethic and discipline. Each year, they got further up the ranks academically until suddenly one day, they were all placed in the top 10 in their year. It was something Harry was extremely proud of; something he hoped they reflected when they joined the workforce one day.

Looking back just 20 years later, Harry couldn’t help but smile at the memory of his little girls. By now, they were all out in the world making the biggest difference in whatever way they could. A doctor, a lawyer, and an engineer were just three of their occupations. The girls made it very clear that they did not mess around; they grabbed every opportunity they could get with both hands and did not let go.

At this point, Harry was an old man, one far too old to be called Dad but rather grandpa. But his girls had not settled yet. In fact, they were extremely busy, all working in their respective fields. But not too busy for their loving father. They always visited him on a Sunday and had lunch with him around the family table; it was tradition. So you can imagine Harry’s surprise when one Sunday, he got invited to a hall for lunch instead. When he arrived, he was surprised to see the parking lot filled to its max; he had never known the hall to be that busy before.

Just before he entered the door, he got a funny feeling in his gut; he could sense something was about to happen. But what? It didn’t take long to find out. As he entered the hall, he was met with a massive round of applause. The hall was filled with people from all different times in his life. He saw his daughters standing on the stage and immediately knew that this was something they had concocted. He humbly made his way up and listened to what they had to say; it simply left him in tears.

Each woman took a turn to thank their father for what he had done for them. They thanked him for his bravery, his integrity, and the strength it took to rescue them from their lives and help to offer them the best life had to offer. They knew they would never be close to what they were if he hadn’t made that crazy decision that day. As a tribute to him and all he had done, they revealed something astonishing. They had set up a nonprofit organization to help girls like themselves get a better education. It would be funded by them for the orphanage back home.

Harry, for the first time in years, began to ball. He was so touched by the generosity of his sweet daughters. It was at this moment that he knew that he had done something right. It was the best thank you he had ever received. What a heartwarming tale of bravery and pure love. Would you have adopted six young girls? How would you have coped in the situation? Do you think the gift was appropriate? Why or why not? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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