Wicked His uncles adopted him and made him a servant in the house. Until he discovered his inheritance!

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“Evil aunt and uncle adopted their nephew after his parents died, but made him their house servant. They treated him very badly until one day he discovered something that changed his life forever.

That cloudy day, Mark woke up with the same heaviness in his chest that had accompanied him ever since he went to live with his aunt and uncle, Walter and Mary, at just 13 years old. His life was very different from that of other boys his age. Instead of games and adventures, his days were filled with domestic chores in the huge mansion where they lived—an imposing house that looked more like a golden prison than a home.

“Mark, come here,” Walter’s authoritative voice resounded through the house, breaking the brief moment of peace the boy was trying to find in his thoughts. “Your aunt is telling you to clean the bathroom at the back; it’s disgusting.” The order came as no surprise; the boy knew that any attempt to resist would be futile. Armed with sponges and cleaning products, the boy headed for the……Read Full Story Here…………………..

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