Wife Keeps Locking Herself In Bathroom With Dog Until Husband Notices Mark On Leg

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Initially, her connection with her dog hadn’t been unusual, but as the pair grew closer and closer and closer, odd things began to happen. Puzzled, the husband observed his wife’s dog following her into the bathroom. He decided to solve the mystery on his own.

Hearing the door click shut, he opened up the security app he’d installed on his phone. He was in no way prepared for the discovery that would change their marriage forever.

Now, David Knock had easily given in to his wife, Katie, when she asked if they could get a dog. His long work days at the office meant she was often alone, working from home. He thought that a dog could provide her with companionship while he was away.

Only recently married, the 29-year-old couple weren’t ready to be parents yet, but their Atlanta, Georgia home was a bit empty, and a pet might fill that space. Katie named her new sidekick Bailey. He was a 1-year-old Australian shepherd, and they had a connection straight away. He was loyal and clever, and they quickly became a…..Read Full Story Here……………………

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