Woman Adopts Dog That No One Wants – When Vet Sees It, He Calls The Police

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Nobody understood why Benji kept getting returned to the shelter after being adopted. It had been 11 times by now, and all his owners just kept giving obviously fake and weak excuses.

Only when the new trainee decided to take Benji home with her did they find out what was actually wrong with Benji. Nobody at the shelter could have predicted this.

Stacy was still shaken from the experience as she was driving back to the shelter. Benji was in the back seat sleeping. Stacy felt horrible, as she had been so sure she could help this poor dog. But now he had to be returned to the shelter for a 12th time. But at least they now knew why. Stacy had called ahead, and there were three other employees waiting for……….Read Full Story Here……………..

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