Woman Annoys Royal Guard – His Revenge Is Priceless

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The Royal Guard riding the horse was struggling more and more to keep an emotionless expression as this careful US tourist just kept annoying his calm horse to get a picture. He was waiting for somebody to get her and take her away, but what he did not expect was that the horse would take matters into its own hands.

As the lady annoyed the horse, he never took its eyes off her. It was as if he was waiting for the perfect timing, and then when she was just close enough, it happened. Everyone gasped as they watched the horse take his sweet revenge on the lady.

It was time for the Royal Guards to do their famous changing of the guards. People had been lined up at the United Kingdom Royal Palace for up to an hour, ready to snap a picture. If the tourists were only annoying the guards, they would have been able to accept it. They had been trained to withstand even the greatest annoyance. But that was……..Read Full Story Here……….

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