Woman is Certain Her Husband Died in Car Accident Until 14 Years Later, The Unexpected Took Place

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A woman believes the father of her child had passed away in a car crash, but 14 years later, he knocks on her door to deliver a parcel.Sarah Grant was a week away from the happiest day of her life. She was about to marry the love of her life, even though her domineering mother Janet was dead set against it.

Nevertheless, Sarah had stuck to her guns, and with her father’s support, she faced down her mother and won for the first time in her life.

When the phone rang, Sarah answered with a happy hello, but the voice on the other side lingered like forever. The voice belonged to the town sheriff, and he was telling her that Jim was dead. “No!” Sarah screamed, “You liar!” Then her father was there, putting his arms around her. That afternoon, Sarah went to the coroner’s office with her father. She wanted to see Jim, and she had to…….Read Full Story Here………………

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