Workers find giant snake! You won’t believe what was inside it

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Workers come across a huge snake on a construction site, but when one of them opened it up, he could never have imagined what was inside its belly. The men were shocked. On a hot day, the sun shone mercilessly, sending waves of heat that made the air shiver over the cracked sidewalk.

A group of construction workers stood in the middle of the vast dusty terrain where the green of the vegetation that used to grow there was regaining its place. Among them, men with sweaty faces and calloused hands chatted as they cleaned up what was left of a place that once housed a magnificent residence.

What happened here?” asked Frank, a 22-year-old newbie, his hands not yet accustomed to the weight of the job, as he looked at the remains of the foundation of a house that in its best era certainly exuded wealth and beauty. The older workers exchanged glances before one of them began to tell the story of that house.This house was very old. It belonged to a wealthy family, I mean an old money family,” he began, his voice rising above the……..Read Full Story Here…………………..

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