Young girl says she told the pastor she “didn’t feel good and we shouldn’t do it” when he took her to a hotel near the school years ago but he insisted on his intentions saying it was God’s will and “convinced” her to have ssx

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Authorities said a 53-year-old pastor, later identified as Victor, faces serious charges of ssxual abuse and kidnapping after members of his own congregation brought to light the allegations.

As per reports, he was arrested and booked into jail without bail. He is charged with three counts of kidnapping and four counts of molesting a girl younger than 14.

These charges follow allegations of ssxual abuse that reportedly began when the victims were in their early teens.The daughter of a church elder who is now 21 years old, identified as Karen, made the initial accusation. She reported that Victor ssxually abused her starting when she was….Read Full Story Here…..

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