Young Girl Wakes Up with blood in Her Body, Dad Sets Up Camera and Sees this

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A young girl kept waking up with unexplained bruises, prompting her father to take action by installing a camera in her room. This ordinary family, residing in Marietta, Ohio, seemed just like any other in their community.

There was nothing particularly distinct about them, which made the events that unfolded even more perplexing. At night, they began hearing unusual noises but initially dismissed them until something baffling occurred. They were completely unprepared for the inexplicable activities occurring within their walls.

Chris suspected his wife might be pulling a prank, yet she vehemently denied it, even invoking her late mother’s memory in her assurance. Determined to resolve the issue, Chris installed a camera, though he was not ready for the unsettling scenes it would capture. Stay tuned to discover what happens next.

Driven nearly to madness by the mystery and frustration, Chris decided to place the camera in his daughter’s bedroom. Odd, alarming marks had been consistently appearing on the girl’s legs each morning, baffling everyone about their origin and cause. Yet, the revealed truth would prove more disturbing than anything they had faced before.

Nema, his wife, adamantly denied any involvement and shared his disturbance and confusion about the ongoing situation. Feeling he had no alternative, Chris rushed to purchase a night vision camera. With footage collected throughout the night, Chris braced himself to uncover what was afflicting his beloved daughter. However, the contents of the video left him speechless.

For a year, Chris and his family had resided in his mother’s guest house just outside the city. Consecutive misfortunes had left him no choice but to seek refuge there, hoping for a new beginning with the support of his daughter Bianca and his wife, Nema. What they would discover, however, would urge them to leave immediately. The alarming signs began with 13-year-old Bianca coming downstairs for breakfast, her skin marred by conspicuous bruises. These left Chris deeply concerned, yet Nema reassured him, explaining that children often sustain minor injuries. She provided Bianca with an ointment, promising her that everything would improve.

But Chris was oblivious to the fact that the situation was about to deteriorate further. Initially, he hadn’t paid much attention to the bruises. However, just a day after Nema applied the ointment, new, more severe bruises emerged. The marks, fleshy and pink, zigzagged across Bianca’s legs, resembling the vicious scratches of a wild beast.

The scene caused Chris to suddenly catch his breath. Clearly, something was dreadfully amiss, and Chris sensed it profoundly. His devotion to Bianca ran deep; after all, she was his beloved daughter. To him, Bianca symbolized one of the vital motivations he continued to persevere through hardships. She inspired him to aspire to be a better man, and he was determined to safeguard and support her in every way possible. Hence, when he observed the marks, there was no doubt in his mind that he would not rest until he had unraveled the mystery.

Chris was committed to ensuring his daughter’s well-being. He was aware that Bianca had been battling with the reality of his separation from her mother. He had always carried a sense of guilt for subjecting her to the ordeal of departing from what she had always known as home. This guilt intensified when Nema entered his life, and their relationship began to deepen. Nonetheless, Chris had made a promise to himself to never abandon his daughter.

Chris and his daughter had maintained a strong connection after the split. Bianca had managed to set aside her sorrow and despair, choosing instead to concentrate on supporting her father. Following the separation, Chris found himself shattered, resorting to unhealthy coping mechanisms to dull his anguish. Despite her young age, his daughter played a significant role in drawing him back from the precipice.

In this crucial time, Bianca assumed the caregiver’s role. Even at her tender age, she cleaned and assisted Chris in preparing meals. Gradually, he emerged from his despondency. It was during this time of recovery that he encountered Nema, who worked in the same building where he attended weekly support gatherings. He was uncertain of the impact her presence would introduce to his and Bianca’s life.

Chris had been relentlessly striving to compensate for his previous absence in his daughter’s life. He devotedly attended to Bianca’s needs, which in turn reinforced the bond that had briefly waned. However, Bianca’s demeanor started to alter notably after Nema’s integration into their household. Her change began to manifest notably once Chris informed her of Nema’s impending cohabitation with them.

Previously, Bianca had always been open with Chris, sharing every detail of her daily experiences. Chris cherished this aspect of their relationship, appreciating her openness and honesty. However, as time passed, Bianca grew increasingly reserved. Her altered behavior became more pronounced as the year went on, causing Chris to become apprehensive about the dynamics at play. He speculated it might be due to her approaching adolescence, not realizing it stemmed from a different cause altogether.

The situation continued to deteriorate, and Chris found himself pondering whether to confront Bianca about her issues. With each month that Nema resided with them, Chris observed his once cheerful and outgoing daughter becoming more withdrawn and despondent. She spent a lot of time isolated in her bedroom, avoiding interaction with her family members.

Every time Chris tried engaging her in a conversation, she seemed distracted and preoccupied. Troubled by her behavior, Chris began to think about possible reasons behind it. He was aware of the potential negative impacts of social networks and suspected his daughter might be falling into harmful online environments. He considered monitoring her digital activities as it seemed the only action he could take. Unbeknownst to him, however, concerns regarding her social media were the least of his issues.

Distraught and needing guidance, he sought out his mother’s perspective. “Have you tried simply talking to her?” his mom inquired, clearly also concerned about Bianca. “I haven’t,” admitted Chris, a bit embarrassed. It dawned on him that the solution might have been simple all along. And with renewed resolve, he approached Bianca’s room.

Chris softly knocked and gently asked her if something was bothering her. Was school giving her issues? Or perhaps, was it something among her friends? Could her unhappiness stem from the arrival of Nema? Or was she dealing with a deeply personal issue she felt she couldn’t discuss with her dad? “What’s going on?” he gently probed.

Bianca met his gaze, her face a mix of reflection and concern. As Chris continued his inquiries, he saw the distress in her eyes and regretted putting her on the spot. But his patience was running thin, and he needed to understand the root of her withdrawn demeanor. “I just really like this room, and that’s why I stay here,” Bianca finally responded.

Chris paused, trying to gauge whether she was being entirely truthful. Although he had never actively intruded upon her privacy before, he somewhat retreated, hoping it would demonstrate his trust in her explanation. “I’m here for you whenever you need,” he reassured her sincerely. “Even if you just need to talk,” he added. A slight smile appeared on Bianca’s face. Chris chose to trust Bianca’s words, though he would later question this decision. He was convinced she would approach him if any serious issues arose. Perhaps her reclusive behavior was just a phase of growing up. Though he couldn’t shake his concern over her increasing isolation, he knew he should give her space to come forward in her own time.

However, Chris soon couldn’t ignore the alarm bells ringing in his head any longer. With summer vacation in full swing, Bianca was home more often than not. Despite having friends nearby, she showed no interest in going out to spend time with them. Given that the temperature had soared into the high 80s, she opted for outfits that showcased her legs and arms.

That was when Chris let out a sigh. He immediately spotted the bruises on his daughter’s legs. Initially, he assumed she had taken a tumble and chose not to comment. However, the following morning she appeared at breakfast with additional bruises on her knees. It seemed improbable for her to fall twice and injure the same areas. Chris felt compelled to inquire about the bruises, harboring a concern that something distressing might be occurring. A gnawing unease had taken root in his gut.

Bianca met Chris’s eyes for a prolonged moment before her gaze drifted down to her legs. Chris observed her mentally scrambling for an explanation. She chewed on her lower lip, a look of vexation evident before she responded, “I woke up with them.” This reply only spurred further questions. Chris mulled over her words, pondering whether his daughter was deceiving him. Yet, she was not known for dishonesty and typically spoke with boldness and impartiality.

“I have a salve for bruises and such,” Nema chimed in from across the room, quickly standing and reaching out to Bianca. However, a simple salve wouldn’t ameliorate the situation. The young girl eyed Nema’s outstretched hand briefly before accepting it. Together, they retreated into Chris’s room to retrieve the salve. Things seemed to return to normal for the subsequent two days, but on the third evening, something peculiar transpired.

Chris was roused from his sleep by strange noises emanating from outside his bedroom. Concerned, he sat up quickly, peering into the darkness. Nema was not beside him, which furrowed his brow. Cautiously and silently, he left the room. The house was shrouded in darkness, with the unsettling noises originating from Bianca’s room. Chris’s heart raced as a chilling realization struck him. He approached Bianca’s door, inhaling deeply before his hand reached the chilly doorknob. He counted to three, contemplating whether violating his daughter’s privacy was justified at that moment.

However, just as he was about to turn the

knob, Nema materialized behind him. “You’re awake. You heard it too,” Chris acknowledged, noticing the apprehension in his wife’s eyes. He was battling his own rising fear but was determined to remain composed. Nema held a baseball bat, which she handed to Chris. He didn’t question why she had it; he was merely relieved she had thought to bring it upon hearing the unsettling sounds. With a swift motion, he pushed Bianca’s door open.

Bianca screamed when Chris and Nema burst into the room, breaking her peaceful slumber. She looked around wildly, her eyes wide and filled with confusion. Chris, clutching a bat to his chest, scanned the room as his chest heaved. Seeing nothing initially, he was then directed by a shaking Nema towards the window. Quickly, Chris approached the open window.

Peering out, he saw only the deep night enveloping the small twinkles of the distant town. He shut the window and turned to Bianca, explaining he had heard noises from her room. But Bianca assured him all was well. As she spoke, her gaze flickered towards Nema, arousing suspicion. Chris observed that Bianca’s explanations seemed to always coalesce around Nema. Deciding to address the situation directly, he questioned his wife sharply. “Are you involved in what’s happening to Bianca?” he demanded, desperate to understand if Nema had any connection to the odd noises and the marks he had noticed in his daughter’s room.

“What?” Nema responded, clearly shocked. “I was right next to you when we came in, wasn’t I?” she retorted. However, Chris’s past experiences with a deceptive partner had left deep scars, driving him into desperation until his daughter helped him recover. Now, faced with another dilemma, Chris meticulously pondered every detail of the current situation. He couldn’t deny that Nema had been right by his side as they entered his daughter’s room, and her firm denial of any involvement seemed genuine.

Chris realized the weight of the decision before him, knowing it would uncover a shocking truth potentially altering their lives. The mysterious occurrences seemed out of place since he had decided to have Nema move in with them. Noticing tension between Nema and Bianca, he wondered about Nema’s possible motives or if his previous insecurities were resurfacing.

He resolved to approach the issue with a clear, unbiased mind. Given Bianca’s introverted nature, her preference for spending days engrossed in books over social gatherings, seldom leaving the home unless absolutely necessary, Chris was puzzled about the origin of her bruises. He recalled that the window was open when he entered, but its small size and the room’s elevation made unauthorized entry unlikely. This raised more questions than answers about the possible explanations for what was happening.

Chris’s mind was on the verge of collapse as he struggled to grasp the chain of events unfolding around him. The situation only deteriorated as time passed. New bruises began appearing on Bianca’s legs, and she was at a loss to explain their origin. Complicating matters, Nema also claimed she was not involved. The strange sounds continued, leaving Chris to puzzle over their source and the impact on his young daughter. To make matters worse, Chris observed that Bianca wasn’t sleeping well. She would retire at 8:00 p.m., claiming exhaustion, yet she appeared haggard and drained by midday the following day. Her appetite diminished, with her barely touching her meals, her gaze fixed sullenly on her plate.

Feeling the urgency of the escalating situation, Chris knew he needed to address whatever was troubling Bianca. Considering the rapid escalation, he decided it was time to discuss her worsening condition. However, his attempts were met with opposition. Bianca would react harshly to his gentle inquiries, casting him furious looks before leaving the room abruptly. She appeared indifferent to his concerns and intent to assist. It was as though she had become someone entirely different. The radical shift in Bianca’s behavior was so profound that Chris questioned its reality. He began to suspect that she might be suffering from an undetected psychological issue.

Nema, previously detached, now showed deep anxiety, urging Chris to seek medical advice for Bianca. Hopeful for some answers, but the insights from the doctor only deepened the mystery. Surprisingly, the examination showed that Bianca was in good health with no medical abnormalities. Her nutritional changes had led to a slight decline in her blood metrics, and her behavior had shifted, but those were the only findings. While this news relieved Chris in part, it also introduced a more troubling and mysterious prospect.

Yet, Chris’s ordeal was far from over. The very next day, a knock at the door jolted him. He wasn’t expecting visitors, which made the interruption even more startling. Gathering his wits, he opened the door to find a severe woman introducing herself as Mrs. Roger from Social Services. Chris reeled back, his throat parched. Could this have been a result of Nema’s interference? The arrival of a social worker was no mere chance. Mrs. Rogers made it clear that her visit was to probe into a troubling issue concerning Bianca and her parents. Chris felt a deep sense of despair upon hearing this. Life had reached an all-time low for him, and he was at a loss for action. Unbeknownst to him, even darker times loomed ahead.

However, Chris was baffled about how the social worker had been alerted to his troubles. He had always been reserved, keeping personal matters strictly to himself. Oblivious to his turmoil, the social worker explained that their family doctor had reported Bianca’s unexplained injuries. Chris understood the terrible implications, yet he was not at fault.

He had never harmed his daughter and couldn’t fathom committing such a horror. Sadly, the appearances seemed to suggest otherwise. Now, the only one who could clear his name was Bianca herself. Eager to get to the bottom of the issue, Mrs. Rogers insisted on speaking with Bianca, and Chris fully supported this initiative. He courteously welcomed the social worker and showed her to Bianca’s room, allowing her to enter before the door was shut and locked, leaving Chris outside.

By chance, Nema had just returned from shopping for household essentials when she noticed the social worker walking into Bianca’s room. She hurried over as if to intercept her, yet she arrived too late. “What’s going on here?” she demanded, pounding on the bedroom door. Nema’s sudden agitation set Chris on edge. What was she so worried about? What did she think Mrs. Rogers might uncover? After her outburst, Nema left abruptly, leaving Chris to pace anxiously in the hallway. Inside the room, muted voices discussed matters he could not discern. Chris feared the possibility of being separated from his daughter due to circumstances beyond comprehension.

Time dragged as Mrs. Rogers and Bianca remained behind closed doors. When they finally stepped out, the social worker appeared more casual, with her coat removed and sleeves rolled up, while Bianca was visibly distressed. Overwhelmed by a mix of anxiety, concern, and sorrow, Chris approached them, inquiring if the social worker had uncovered any new details he and Nema had overlooked. Despite his lingering anger, his concern now overshadowed everything else.

The thought of losing his daughter terrified him, but he prioritized her welfare above all else. Yet, he couldn’t stop himself from speculating about the conversation between Bianca and Mrs. Rogers. Just as Chris was about to ask Mrs. Rogers what had been discussed, she simply replied, “I’ll be in touch,” and departed swiftly.

Chris knew it was the end for him. Bianca gazed at him, her lips quivering with tears streaming down her cheeks. “I just told her what I told you, Dad,” she said. “Every morning, I wake up with bruises, and I can’t figure out where they come from.” “It’s okay, sweetheart,” Chris said as he knelt down. He extended his arms, and his daughter hurried into his embrace. She clung to him tightly because she was aware of the impending challenges.

When the social worker came back, Chris felt caught in a tough situation. He had done everything imaginable to discover the source of the problem, from taking Bianca to the medical center to confronting the woman he cherished. With each passing moment, his desperation mounted, knowing that a defeat in this battle meant he might lose his daughter. Moreover, his relationship with Nema was suffering severely. The continuous accusations had left their mark, and disputes with Nema became a daily occurrence.

Viewing it as the last resort, Chris visited the store and purchased a surveillance camera. Chris had to figure out the cause, his daughter’s safety hinging on this. He installed the surveillance system, determined to identify the perpetrator behind Bianca’s condition. He had been certain it was Nema since they were the only ones residing together, but at this point, his certainty wavered. He positioned the camera on night vision mode, intent on resolving the enigma. He was determined to confront whoever was targeting his cherished daughter.

The CCTV footage unveiled the reality, but Chris, Nema, and Bianca were unprepared for the revelation. As dusk settled, a composed Chris sat anxiously in the living room. He had informed Nema of his late work schedule involving organizing documents. Once she and Bianca retired upstairs, he activated the camera. The night vision flickered on, drawing Chris closer to the monitor. Resolute in halting the disruptions, unbeknownst to him, his life was on the cusp of upheaval.

Time elapsed before any significant activity. Yet hours after midnight, Chris detected sounds from his daughter’s room. The unsettling nightly noises that had been tormenting him recommenced. He toggled the camera view, his heart thudding. Initially, it captured only Bianca, tranquil asleep, with her hands around the book she had been reading. After 10 minutes, all seemed normal. Suddenly, Chris noticed something astonishing on the screen. Bianca sat upright, her appearance altered, her hair obscuring her face, and a faint smile on her lips as

she gazed vacantly, emitting moans and sobs. She reclined, then abruptly began to creep unnervingly on her back across the bed. Chris felt a wave of nausea as he observed, blinking in shock, struggling to believe what he saw.

Bianca started convulsing, screaming as she tossed and turned. She roamed her room, her knees and elbows scraping. Each motion appeared driven by some malevolent force. “Bianca!” Chris shouted as he dashed upstairs. Nema emerged from their room, sleepy yet attentive, puzzled by the commotion. She watched Chris hurry toward Bianca’s room, realizing he had uncovered something critical. Instantly, any harshness in her gaze dissolved, replaced by a nurturing demeanor.

Chris entered Bianca’s room, only to find calm had restored almost instantly. Bianca, who had appeared tormented, now slept serenely with no memory of the incident. The concerned parents took her to the physician, presenting the troubling footage. The doctor, perplexed by the video, admitted it was unlike anything he had seen.

Puzzled, he referred Bianca to a specialist who performed extensive tests, including a comprehensive sleep study with an EEG to track her brain’s electrical activity. The results revealed unusual activity in her temporal lobe. The specialist determined Bianca was suffering from nocturnal seizures, possibly linked to her temporal lobe’s activity. However, it was unclear if her condition was fully treatable. He explained to Chris and Nema the different seizure types, noting further assessments were essential to ascertain the specific nature of Bianca’s condition.

After extensive testing, the specialist presented a thorough report to the anxious parents. Most nocturnal seizures, identified as tonic-clonic or grand mal, typically endure under 5 minutes. These seizures involve muscle stiffening and twitching, aligning with what Chris had witnessed. Bianca received a prescription for anti-seizure medication, and thankfully, she recovered completely, returning to her vibrant self.

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