Young Girl Was In Coma For 15 Years, Then Doctors Realize She Was Hiding a Terrifying Secret

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“A young girl suddenly fell into a coma, only to regain consciousness 15 years later, and that’s when the doctors discovered a shocking secret. A sense of urgency filled the hospital as tension gripped its corridors. 5-year-old unconscious Andrea, with a profusely bleeding head, was swiftly rushed into the ICU. Alarm and anxiety gripped the medical personnel on seeing the excessive blood flow from the head injury sustained by the unconscious little girl. Rose, Andrea’s single mother, ran along with the doctors. With agonizing tears, she groaned and pleaded with the doctors to save her daughter’s life. She kept crying that she couldn’t lose her only source of life.

As soon as Andrea was rushed into the ward, the doctors pleaded with Rose to stay outside and allow them to do their job. They didn’t even wait to get her permission before leaving her behind and rushing back into the ward, leaving Rose crying for help in the corridors.

A few hours later, the chief physician, Dr. Raphael, stepped out of the ward. He met Rose sitting on a bench, her arms folded and her head bent, her body shaking vigorously. His heart broke on seeing the pain of the young woman who literally had no one to run to for help. Rose shot her head up immediately when she heard the doctor approach. Her face was swollen, and her eyes were a deep shade of red. Dr. Raphael’s heart broke a little more as he took in her pain.

Rose immediately started asking what the current condition of her daughter was. Dr. Raphael saw and told her to follow him to his office so they could discuss there. On getting to the office, the doctor asked Rose to take her seat and explain how the accident had happened. Rose burst into tears again and began narrating.

Just a few hours earlier, she was preparing a meal in the kitchen. In stirring the sauce, suddenly Andrea rushed in to tell her mother that she had completed her homework and wanted to join the other kids in the neighborhood for playtime. They resided on the top floor of a four-story building. Initially hesitant, Rose recalled the agreement they made earlier. She had promised Andrea that if homework was finished promptly, she could go play until lunchtime. Keeping her promise, she allowed the young girl to join her friends downstairs. The little one expressed her happiness with a squeal, hugged her mother, and rushed down the stairs. However, in her excitement, Andrea didn’t pay attention to the stairs. She stumbled, losing her balance and fell. She tumbled from an entire flight of stairs at a rapid pace. Upon landing, she suffered a severe head injury and lost consciousness.

Rose abruptly stopped her task upon hearing her scream. Hastily leaving their apartment, she ran down the stairs and came to a halt as she discovered her daughter unconscious with a bleeding head. She was crippled with shock. She screamed Andrea’s name, and tears began rolling down her face as she got no response. Her weak legs couldn’t let her run, and so she managed to crawl to where her daughter lay. With trembling hands, she lifted her daughter and screamed in fright at the pool of blood Andrea’s head was soaked in. Groaning with agony, begging Andrea to please wake up, Rose checked her pulse. Her daughter was still alive, but she knew it wouldn’t last long if she didn’t get the help she needed.

Overwhelmed with fear, Rose screamed for assistance, desperately knocking on neighbors’ doors, tearfully pleading. She implored everyone to come and aid her, fearing for her daughter’s life. Responding to the urgent situation, people emerged from their apartments. Together, they collaborated to rush Andrea to the hospital, ensuring she received immediate attention.

Dr. Raphael felt sorry on hearing the story. He held the hands of the broken mother, trying his best to console her. When she was calm enough, she found the courage to ask what her daughter’s condition was. She might not be an expert on the matter, but she knew that when someone was called into a doctor’s office, they weren’t about to receive good news. Dr. Raphael informed her that they had successfully halted the bleeding and stitched the injury. Rose expressed her happiness with a scream. For a moment, she had feared she would lose her daughter. She was so glad to hear the good news. However, Dr. Raphael added, “But she remains in a coma and is now reliant on oxygen for life support.

The time frame for her recovery is uncertain, but we’re committed to doing everything we can to facilitate a speedy recovery. Unfortunately, this will cost a lot.” Dread enveloped Rose instantly, tightening its grip as she confronted the harsh reality. Her eyes glistened with moisture, a silent testament to the emotions coursing through her. Seated motionless, she locked eyes with the doctor, whose expression mirrored a blend of empathy and pity. In that stillness, Rose grasped the unspoken truth about the steep price of placing Andrea in life support. As she peered at the doctor, a mosaic of thoughts raced through her mind. How could she alone bear the weight of the impending medical expenses? The stitching bills alone bothered her. Now, Andrea had to be placed on life support to stay alive. Would she lose her daughter due to these financial constraints?

Rose burst into tears once again. “Please, doctor, help me,” she pleaded. “I don’t have anyone else. I can’t bear to lose Andrea. If everything I own is sold, it won’t even cover a quarter of the bills. Please help me.”

Dr. Raphael felt sorry for her. He knew what it was like to be raised by a single mom, as he too had been raised by one. He understood how important Andrea was to Rose and how powerless she felt. So he decided to offer some help in the best way he could. He promised her he would personally donate some money to Andrea’s cause and work overtime without asking for compensation. At the same time, he would ask his colleagues to pitch in with donations so the little girl could have all the time she needed to heal and wake up again.

Rose was dazed at Dr. Raphael’s kindness. Her heart was filled with gratitude, and her lips overflowed with sincere prayers for the man who now held her daughter’s future in the palm of his hands. True to his words, he rallied the hospital staff and found ways to raise funds to sustain Andrea’s life support. Overwhelmed with gratitude, Rose couldn’t stop thanking him.

But this unexpected incident transformed her daily routine. By day, she headed to her job as a salesperson in a coffee shop. During her break, she detoured to her apartment to prepare a meal and hurried back to the hospital to spend the night by her daughter’s side. The rhythm of her new life now harmonized with the persistent pulse of hope in the hospital room.

Days slowly turned to weeks. Weeks became months, and gradually, months grew to years. Yet Andrea showed no signs of improvement. Night after night, Rose found solace by her daughter’s bedside, where tears mingled with whispered prayers. The hospital staff evolved into a surrogate family for Rose and Andrea. Their empathy and care transformed Rose’s experience, making the hospital a place where warmth and connection thrived among them.

Dr. F stood out as a pillar of support. He would check on them regularly, his concern etched across his face. In those moments, he became more than just a medical professional. He became a friend, offering words of encouragement and strength in the face of uncertainty. With the help of the hospital staff surrounding her, Rose clung to the belief that one day she would have her miracle. But as years passed on, everyone’s hope was beginning to wane. The hearts of the hospital staff kept brimming with sympathy and prayers for Andrea, yet courage faltered when it came to inspiring Rose’s strength. Even the typically resilient Dr. Raphael found himself increasingly burdened with worry as he, too, began losing hope.

But Rose remained strong, never ceasing to pray for a miracle. Witnessing her daughter undergo the metamorphosis from innocent girl to adolescent and finally to a beautiful young woman, all the while confined to a sick bed, shattered her. The cruel reality that Andrea had missed out on experiencing the joys of each life stage weighed heavily on Rose. Despite this heartbreak, she clung to hope, yearning for the day her daughter would awaken and embrace the vibrant essence of life that eluded her thus far.

Fifteen years elapsed, and Andrea, now a 20-year-old woman, still lay unconscious on the bed, her beauty undiminished by her condition. Rose eagerly anticipated the day when she would regain consciousness and showcase her charm once more. Meanwhile, Dr. Raphael had embarked on a research trip weeks ago. Although Rose was saddened by his absence, she found solace in the knowledge that he would soon return. Grateful for Dr. Raphael’s unwavering kindness, she never missed an opportunity to express her heartfelt blessings.

But before long, Rose started observing an unusual change in her daughter. Initially, she noticed a sense of worry etched onto Andrea’s otherwise calm face. After expressing her concern to the doctors, Rose was reassured that her vitals were in order. The changes were interpreted as Andrea’s responsiveness to her surroundings and a hopeful sign of impending recovery. However, Rose couldn’t ignore the subtle puffiness in her daughter’s face and the sudden swelling of her belly. These developments raised new concerns for Rose, prompting a deeper exploration into the intricacies of Andrea’s condition.

The doctors then decided to run some tests on Andrea to figure out what the issue could be. These series of tests unveiled the astonishing truth: their coma patient was pregnant. The medical team reran the tests thrice, hoping for an error. Alas, each confirmation left the room in disbelief. The mystery deepened, suggesting that someone had taken advantage of Andrea during this unexpected and perplexing journey.

On hearing about the current state of her daughter, Rose was consumed with rage. She faced the hospital staff, demanding answers as she accused each one of them of a terrible crime. Her fury only escalated on discovering they were as shocked and confused as she was.

“What do you all mean by saying you don’t know?” Rose demanded. “What don’t you know? I entrusted my daughter to all of you, considering you as family. Is it the financial assistance you render that gives you the audacity to betray us like this? I vow to pursue legal action against each one of you if you don’t identify the culprit!”

Rose declared vehemently, her anger evident in the blaze of her already inflamed eyes. They started imploring her to be patient, assuring that they would conduct a DNA test upon the child’s delivery to identify the perpetrator. Despite her doubts, Rose weighed their plea. They were all ready to cooperate and seemed as shocked and disgusted as she was. They even involved the board of the hospital without waiting for her to demand it. It was hard to suspect them now that they were being so forthcoming, and she reluctantly agreed to follow their advice. However, the trust she once held for them all was shattered.

The unbelievable reality of Andrea’s ordeal in a hospital she deemed as family left Rose profoundly disheartened, broken, hurt, and robbed of her peace and joy. She felt a profound sense of betrayal. The place that had been her second home for years offered no more solace. Anxious for the delivery of the baby in Andrea’s womb, she eagerly anticipated the opportunity to unmask the perpetrator and mete out justice for such condemnable actions.

But more than these, Rose really wanted her daughter to wake up so they could just leave. The bitterness grew stronger, not just because of the money struggles, but realizing her financial problems had made Andrea a victim of abuse. Rose felt completely broken, like the pieces couldn’t be put back together even if Andrea got better. A tough question remained: how would she feel knowing her suffering was caused by the fact that her mom couldn’t afford the bills? Could Andrea forgive her? Would she ever heal from this ordeal?

Rose felt helpless and used. She cried bitterly every night, praying and begging Andrea to wake up. The hospital staff could only peep through the windows whenever they heard her loud cries. They really felt sorry for her, but no one dared to walk up to her and express their sympathy.

Months passed, and it was time for Andrea to have her baby. Since she was still unconscious, the child had to be delivered by a cesarean section. Unfortunately, the procedure went well, and a healthy baby boy came into the world. As Rose held him, an unexpected sense of calm washed over her, instantly renewing her strength and hope. At that moment, she felt she could finally start healing from the unexpected betrayal by the people she considered family. She named the baby boy Hope, firmly believing that everything would eventually be okay.

As the days inched forward, tension swirled in the air like a thick fog. The laboratory buzzed with anticipation as the DNA test loomed large. The directive was clear: every male staff member had to surrender their toothbrush for scrutiny. Dr. Raphael had not returned from his trip yet, and so his toothbrush was missing. Rose didn’t mind, though. She was certain that the kind doctor who had been by her side from day one would never hurt her daughter like this. Still, the hospital board insisted that every single man surrender a personal object, and someone retrieved one of Dr. Raphael’s spare shirts from his locker. They were able to pick up a hair from the shirt, and that too was sent to the lab for testing.

Rose knew that Dr. Raphael had shown her nothing but kindness. It would hurt him to know that she had allowed him to be tested. Still, rules were rules, and when the results of the DNA test came out, she ended up grateful to the board for insisting. To the bewilderment of everyone, Dr. Raphael was indeed the father of Hope and the man responsible for Andre and Rose’s pain. A heavy silence descended upon the room, giving way to a mix of shock, disappointment, and anger. The realization of this unsettling truth weighed on everyone present, casting a somber atmosphere.

When Rose got wind of this awful truth, she crumpled to her knees in sheer shock. The person she had trusted the most turned out to be the father of her daughter’s child and the perpetrator of her abuse. It was a gut-wrenching betrayal, the worst kind imaginable. She screamed out in pain as the realization dawned on her. Her agonizing cries echoed through the ward, earning the pity of the personnel around her. How had she been so careless? How could she let this happen? How much more pain would she suffer or make Andrea suffer due to her

financial constraints?

“Where is he? Bring him to me! I swear I’ll make him pay for this! If he thinks he can do this and get away with it, he’ll understand what it means to hurt the only child of a single mother!” Rose’s voice roared in grief as tears poured down her face. Nobody had the courage to go near her. They all stayed back, eyes fixed on her, wondering what they could do to alleviate this unbearable pain. They didn’t have the answer, but someone else stepped up to help.

Suddenly, a nurse who had been attending to Andrea burst into the room where everyone had gathered. “She’s awake! The girl’s finally woken up!” the nurse exclaimed with joy. A wave of surprise and happiness swept through the room, turning the previously somber atmosphere into one of disbelief and relief. Rose swiftly stood up and rushed to the ward where her daughter lay, eager to confirm the incredible news. Everyone simply followed after.

Rose froze upon entering the room where her daughter resided. Tears cascaded gently down her cheeks, a testament to the profound gratitude welling within her. Observing her daughter surveying the surroundings with keen eyes, Rose felt a surge of relief and joy. Her fervent prayers had been answered. The patient waiting, tinged with anxiety, had not been in vain. One member of the staff touched her shoulders, offering his heartfelt congratulations. Rose responded with a wide, joyous smile and hurried to embrace her daughter.

But Andrea screamed in fear. The doctor swiftly intervened, carefully pulling Rose back, opting to ensure Andrea’s well-being first. Tears continued to stream down Rose’s face, yet her unwavering smile persisted as she observed the medical team diligently attending to her daughter, her heart brimming with gratitude. That day, Andrea was told all about the last 15 years she spent in a coma.

And a few days later, she discovered she’d also become a mother without her knowledge. It was hard for her young mind to comprehend what she had been through, and thankfully, her body didn’t bear any physical scars from the ordeal. Still, she was quite devastated at such betrayal from Dr. Raphael but never blamed her mother. Instead, she was grateful to Rose for her persistence and strength all these years. She was sure she wouldn’t have made it if it were not for her mother’s unwavering faith. She decided to accept this new fate and see the positivity in that situation.

She was the mother of a beautiful baby boy, and though his father was a cruel man, she was not going to blame Hope for that misfortune. She would love him like he deserved and make sure to give him the best life he deserved. Her young mind needed to catch up on the 15 years she’d missed out on. When she was glad she would have her mother and her son next to her, she participated in the therapy sessions the hospital had organized for her so she could completely heal from the trauma of the experience.

Months later, when it seemed she had fully recovered and was fit to return home, Andrea was discharged. She and Rose were grateful to the hospital for their hospitality and finally returned home. Meanwhile, Dr. Raphael had been summoned to return with immediate effect. The hospital had joined Rose to report him to the legal authorities, so they all waited for his arrival. Realizing that his shameful acts had been exposed, he pleaded with Rose for forgiveness, claiming it was the work of the devil. But his flimsy excuses only earned him a hard and sound slap from her. Heaving from the inbuilt anger that boiled within her, she looked at him with disdain and walked out, leaving him to the judge and jury.

It was a battle at the court as Dr. Raphael also got the best lawyers to defend him. Grateful for the intervention of the NGOs and the women’s rights advocates, Rose was also able to get the best defenses on her side despite her lack of funds. The evidence was quite obvious; the DNA result was more than enough. There and then, Raphael was served with a 20-year jail term, to the joy of Rose and all her supporters.

Rose, Andrea, and Hope embraced their lives with joy, leaving behind the burdens of the past. Their journey became a testament to resilience as they fostered a deep bond, finding happiness in each other’s company. Together, they cherished the present and anticipated a future filled with promise and optimism.

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