5 Teenagers Disturb Elderly Veteran’s Meal, Making Him Cry. Then THIS Happens!

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Unfortunately, many people treat veterans poorly. So, when these five teenagers saw this elderly veteran enjoying his meal, they disturbed them until he cried. Then this happened:

Lou Zoff was a 74-year-old and lived in Granite City, Illinois, with his wife, Annette. That night, the couple went out to eat at a Cracker Barrel, and they were looking forward to having a good time together as usual. Lou was wearing his veteran baseball cap when he went out. It said “US Navy Vietnam Veteran” on the front, showing everyone he served in the Navy during the Vietnam War.

He wore it all the time as a quiet way of remembering his service and feeling good about it.As Lou and Annette stepped into the diner, the air smelled of fried chicken and pancakes. The old couple sat down at their favorite table in the entire restaurant. The comfy old chairs felt like a warm hug, and the gentle murmur of…...Read Full Story Here………………..

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