Remember World’s Most Beautiful Colored Twins? You Won’t Believe What Happened To Them!

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Zer and Aon are two biological twins born with different skin complexions. The twins have been labeled the most beautiful colored twins by various media pundits. This is their captivating story and you won’t believe what happened to them.

It is certainly quite rare to find biological twins born with different skin complexions, but that is exactly what Azera and Aon turned out to be. Born with fair skin and green eyes, Aon resembles his mom Shantel, while Azera, who has brown eyes and a darker complexion, took after their half-Jamaican dad, Ashton. The twins were born in Nottingham, UK. Surprisingly, the twins’ different skin colors weren’t particularly noticeable at birth. In Chantel’s own words during an interview with Kate Gway and Ben Shepard on the popular Good Morning Britain show, “At first, it wasn’t……Read Full Story Here………………

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