8 Year Old Girl Is Told She Looks Pregnant in School — Parents Rush for an Ultrasound And Were Left In Surprised By The Result

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When the mother of an eight-year-old girl heard that people in school had been saying her daughter looked pregnant, she panicked. Nothing seemed amiss to the mom, but an ultrasound revealed something that left her stunned.

An unexpected health scare is always a worrisome ordeal. When it happens to the youngest member of a family, things can often seem hopeless and unfair. Sydney-based Leah and her husband thought everything was fine with their youngest until they heard strange reports from her school.

Eight-year-old Jada seemed healthy. Her parents confessed that she was tiny and frail, but she had always been lacking in stature, and they’d never really questioned it. Jada was also the youngest of four kids, so they thought her lack of energy was merely an inability to keep up with the wild lifestyle of a busy family. Things changed when kids at Jada’s school started saying she looked pregnant. Leah couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow. Kids can be……Read Full Story Here…………..

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