Man Showed His Passport at the Airport and Shocked Everyone! No One Could Believe It

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An elderly Indian monk named Swami Sivanata created a stir at the Abu Dhabi airport during a layover on his way from Calcutta to London. Born on August 8, 1896, according to his passport, he would have been an astounding 123 years old in 2019, surpassing even the recognized oldest person at the time, Kane Tanaka from Japan.

Airport staff were taken aback when they saw Swami Sivanata’s passport. Despite his documented age, the monk appeared much younger, displaying sharp mental faculties, remarkable agility, and robust health. Despite initial disbelief, authorities confirmed the authenticity of his documents, allowing him to continue his journey.

Swami Sivanata credited his exceptional longevity to a life of asceticism, yoga, and strict discipline. His lifestyle involved eschewing comforts, following a strict diet excluding meat, dairy, sweets, fruits, and spices, and even sleeping on a hard floor with minimal amenities, a practice he learned under an Indian guru’s guidance at a young age. His journey through…….Read Full Story Here.……….

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