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Flavia, the 24-year-old victim, was nearing the conclusion of her pregnancy when she was invited to a baby shower, according to the prosecution. A friend of the pregnant woman said she was a compassionate person who trusted others, but this time she did not. She was 36 weeks pregnant when an old school buddy duped her into thinking she was getting a baby shower.

The 26-year-old “friend” also persuaded Flavia to attend the fictitious party with the aid of her spouse. Once Flavia’s buddy was successful in convincing the expectant mother to visit the location under the guise of a baby shower, she and her companion assaulted Flavia with the purpose of stealing her unborn child.

They succeeded in their plan by preying on the prospective mother, who had no idea they could have such evil intentions. Afterward, the perpetrator acknowledged that he killed Flavia with a brick and discarded her corpse in a pottery yard. The baby was not present when Flavia’s husband and mother eventually located her body the next day after searching for her all day.

The infant, Cecilia, had been taken to the hospital in the interim by Flavia’s former classmate and her partner. The hospital workers became suspicious when they saw wounds on the child’s back. Also, the buddy didn’t appear to have just given birth to a child. According to The Post, all of these indicators led the employees to believe that there had been some sort of criminal activity.

Soon after Brazilian authorities arrived at the hospital, the friend and her partner were both taken into custody for the crime. The pair admitted that the old school acquaintance had miscarried while they were being questioned. The acquaintance told the authorities that she was prepared to abduct a child after losing one earlier this year and that she grew infatuated with the concept.

The friend kept her miscarriage a secret and continued to tell people she was still expecting a kid. One officer claimed, “She kept lying to everyone, saying she was still pregnant.” Detective Paulo revealed that a severe abdominal cut and brick wounds were the cause of Flavia’s demise.

Also, it was stated that an autopsy report would be able to establish whether she was alive or not when the former partner and old friend carried out the horrible deed of tearing the child from Flavia’s body. Thankfully, Baby Cecilia received the medical attention and care she required, according to the Longmont Times-Call.

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