Baby cried every time Mom breastfed until doctor discovered something unexpected

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Abigail picked up her little son, Davi, only a few months old, and sat down in the chair to breastfeed him. However, to her surprise, the baby started crying even though he was hungry, rejecting the mother’s breast. The days went by, and the situation remained the same.

Abigail was completely perplexed, not knowing what was happening or what to do to change things. Since Davi’s behavior started, Abigail tried everything.

First, she thought that the crying and rejection might be caused by colic, so she tried to relieve the pain by placing him on his stomach and gently massaging his back.

The crying stopped temporarily, but when she offered the breast again, Davi started crying loudly and rejected it. On other occasions, Abigail thought that the reason could be a dirty diaper, so she changed it several times, even though she didn’t find any problem. But…….Read Full Story Here.…………..

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