Parents Hid a Camera in Their Son’s Grave, Then They Discovered Something Horrifying!

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“When the person lost their son in a tragic car accident, they were beside themselves with grief, visiting his grave every week. They were horrified by something very strange, so they placed a camera on his grave. What they discovered was simply shocking. Losing their son was the hardest thing the Paulson had ever had to face.

Every brisk Monday morning that Autumn, they made it a priority to visit their 18-year-old son’s grave. The young man was meant to be at the threshold of his adult life, not being buried. Seeing his grave helped them to come to terms with it all. But one day, they happened to notice something very strange. Next to their old flowers from the week before lay a single fresh rose. One that looked like it had just been laid there.

In the beginning, they hadn’t paid attention to the flowers because his grave was inundated with tributes from school friends and other people who loved him. But now that quite a bit of time had passed, it was just his parents’ flowers that were laid there, those and now the mysterious single rose. The first time they noticed the……Read Full Story Here………..

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