Baby is ABANDONED for being “HORROROUS” and after being adopted he is LIKE THIS

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“Baby is abandoned for being ‘heror’ as; and after being adopted, he is like this: It was Unthinkable. Adam’s birth parents refused to take him home after he was born. They said if doctors forced them to take him, they would poison their own newborn baby in fear of being shamed.

When Adam was born just over four years ago in India, he was immediately abandoned by his birth parents. Born with severe physical deformities including a cleft lip and palate, no eyelids, no nose, fused legs, and hand abnormalities, he was considered a curse, and his parents threatened to kill him if they were forced to bring him back to their Village. So Adam stayed in the hospital, but it was the same hospital where his soon-to-be parents, whom he had yet to meet, happened to be working.

Adam was diagnosed with ‘bartocious pompous,’ a rare condition from which most die while in the womb or shortly after birth. Raja Palraj, a psychiatrist, and Jessica Cooksey Paul Raj, a nurse, had only been married for six months when Adam was…….Read Full Story Here………….

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