Mom gives Birth to 10 Babies. Doctors Were Devastated When They Realize One Something Unusual

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“When Hal Lima delivered 10 babies in a single birth, the whole world was astounded by her feat. However, doctors were overwhelmed with sadness when they saw that one of them wasn’t a baby. Hal Lima’s hand shook from tension and worry; the day that she would finally give birth to her babies had come.

She was thrilled about it because it meant that she would no longer suffer back pain and sleepless nights. Above all, she would also get to see her bundles of joy. But she was also scared of the outcome of the C-section; she wouldn’t be an active part of the delivery process as she would be under anesthetics and unconscious. The fate of her life and her babies wasn’t in her hands but in the hands of the doctors and God.

She was a religious woman and prayed fervently for hours. She pleaded with God for Mercy, asking him to preserve the lives of her and her babies. The doctors had tried to ease her worries in the weeks leading up to the delivery, introducing her to the 10 surgeons and 25 paramedics who would be…….Read Full Story Here.………

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