Be Warned! UK Government Begins Arresting Migrants As Deportation Begins Soon| Scholarship Or Not

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Every migrant in the UK on scholarships or not to needs to be on his or her guard now , as the UK government now sends out police to arrest the so-called illegal migrant for deportation in the first flight that the Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, announced weeks back.

So, what’s next? Note that the deportation bill is mainly for both legal and illegal migrants, which the Home Office announced days back, showing how numbers have gone down, especially care workers. So, if your visa has expired in the UK or you haven’t had a job since the license of your care company was revoked, or you are an asylum seeker, this is very crucial to you.

Stay tuned as we bring you the latest updates on UK immigration, as the UK government now has started arresting migrants for deportation. I will tell you everything about these new updates, especially who the UK government is really targeting in this arrest that has begun. The British authorities have begun a series of operations to detain migrants in preparation for their deportation to Rwanda, as part of Prime Minister Rishi’s flagship immigration policy. The UK Home Office released a…..Read Full Story Here……………

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