Good News: 3 New UK Visas Launched! PR, ILR & Dependents Possibility: UK New Visa Updates 2024: UKVI

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If you are dreaming of building a life in the UK or schooling , you’re not alone. The UK offers a vibrant culture, excellent education systems, and a strong economy – all reasons why many seek to settle permanently.

But navigating the UK Visa system can be daunting. This video explores three of the most popular Visa options leading to permanent residency: PR (Permanent Residency), Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR), and ultimately citizenship, with the added bonus of allowing dependents to join you. Before diving into specific visas, let’s clarify the key stages:

  • Permanent Residency (PR): This allows you to live and work in the UK indefinitely without needing to renew your Visa. However, it doesn’t guarantee citizenship.
  • Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR): This is essentially the same as……Read Full Details Here……………….
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