An old man heard crying coming from underground and decided to dig

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An old farmer hears a baby crying from his basement. When he realizes that the cry is coming from under the ground, he grabs a shovel and starts digging, discovering something astonishing.

It was a late afternoon when Dexter, a 68-year-old man, was finally returning to his home in the city after spending a long time on his farm. The farm, deep in the countryside, was where he devoted his time and effort to his cheese production, a craft that not only brought him his livelihood but also great satisfaction.

The work was hard but rewarding, allowing him to live self-sufficiently and to be connected to the land he loved so much. The journey back was exhausting; the sun was beginning to set, painting the sky with beautiful shades of orange and red as the old man drove along the familiar road, longing for the comfort of home. There were still 4 hours to go, and his body already feeling every mile traveled, his muscles were tired, and his mind was…….Read Full Story Here……………..

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