Black Waiter Serves White Disabled Woman For Years Then She Leaves Him Her Keys And A Shocking Note Saying

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“A black waiter named Thomas served a disabled white woman named Stacy for years. One day, Stacy left Thomas the keys to her apartment and a shocking note. It was a cool evening, and Thomas cleared his orders as they came. It was the usual rush hour at the restaurant, and Thomas dedicated his time to serving all the customers.

As the only black waiter in a restaurant owned and dominated by white folks, Thomas worked hard every day to prove himself.

On some occasions, he received and attended to customers who were unreasonably rude to him. Some wouldn’t let him serve them because of his color. Though this often hurt him, Thomas never dwelt on it. Instead, he let his kindness and free spirit shine through on such occasions. Soon enough, Thomas won the heart of a frequent customer who had come to know him through his acts of kindness.

That evening, Thomas was almost rounding up with his shift. He only had 30 minutes to round up and be done for the day. As he worked on his financial account for the day, he noticed the doorbell jingle, signifying the entrance of a customer. Thomas looked up and saw a disabled lady wheeling herself into the………Read Full Story Here.………….

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