Mom Put Baby To Bed. 3 Hours Later, She Hears Loud Scream And Realizes Daughter Is In Danger

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A young mother puts her daughter to bed, but mere hours later, she hears heart-wrenching screams that tell her something has gone very wrong. When she discovers what has truly happened in the little girl’s room, she’s horrified and heartbroken.

It was early evening and bedtime for the youngest member of the Walmart family, an angel-faced little girl of 17 months, with the same delicate features and soft blonde hair as her pretty mother. But tonight, the little girl had other ideas.

As she planted her little feet firmly in the soft carpet, she pouted defiantly, fixed her mother with a steely blue-eyed gaze, and uttered one single syllable: “No.” This was the word that little Sammy had only recently added to her verbal arsenal, but she had already learned that it could be a very powerful word, a useful word that made people stop and pay attention to her. Her mother’s face crumpled into a sweet, indulgent smile that was part doting, part exasperated. “Oh yes, my dear little Sammy bear, it’s most definitely time for bed.” Sammy swayed and, in front of her mother, repeated firmly, “No.” Then the little girl yawned but……Read Full Story Here……………..

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