Black Waitress Got Fired for Helping a Disabled Boy. The Next Day, She Received the Shock of a Life

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Carla experienced a major shock when she was fired for assisting a disabled boy. However, the very next day, a phone call came that completely changed her life. When her life took an unexpected turn, Carla wasn’t prepared for what happened.

While working at the Paradise Restaurant, Carla always believed she could handle any challenges that came her way during her shifts. Little did she know that trouble would find her because of her skin color.

She was busy taking a customer’s order when Dave, the restaurant manager, called her over. This wasn’t unusual, as he often interrupted her work. Initially, she asked for some time to finish serving the customer, but she was instructed to drop everything and go to the office immediately. With a sigh, she handed her notepad to another waitress and weaved her way through the chairs and tables to Dave’s office, finding him absorbed in his…..Read Full Story Here………………..

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