He Adopted a Disabled Black Girl That No One Wanted, Then She Did Something Extremely Shocking

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When nobody else wanted to care for this young disabled black girl, Violet Bastion welcomed her into his family. However, something unexpected happened during their car ride. Bastion reached for the seatbelt and tried to secure it on Violet. She whimpered, and when he looked at her to find out what was wrong, she avoided eye contact.

He sighed, understanding that it would take some time for Violet to trust him. He couldn’t blame her, considering all she had been through at such a young age. At seven years old, Violet had just been adopted by Bastion and his wife Elaine, and they were on their way home.

Bastion leaned out of the back seat, accidentally bumping his left shoulder into Violet’s right one, causing her to scream in pain. Worried, his paramedic training kicked in. With Elaine in the front passenger seat, he asked her to grab his medical kit while he unbuttoned Violet’s shirt. His heart sank when he noticed the…..Read Full Story Here………………..

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