Woman Lives 40 Years With Her Husband Without Knowing His Secret, Then FBI Tells Her Who He Really Is And She Was Left In Shock

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Cheryl Love started her morning routine, making tea, while her husband Bobby was still asleep. A knock at the door interrupted her, and she was surprised to find the police outside. Initially thinking it was a mistake, Cheryl opened the door, only to have 12 officers barge past her. Unbeknownst to her, this moment would completely shake her world.

Some of the officers had “FBI” on their jackets, and Cheryl, confused, followed them into her home. They went straight to the bedroom, questioning Bobby. They asked for his real name, and Bobby, in a hushed tone, whispered something.

The officers commented on his long run, and suddenly, they were putting Bobby in handcuffs. Cheryl pleaded for answers, and Bobby cryptically mentioned that it went back before he met her, as he was pushed out the door. In the 1960s in North Carolina, Walter Miller had a seemingly normal childhood in a poor family with eight children. His troubles began when activities…..Read Full Story Here……………..

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