Cop Stopped The Hearse And Ordered The Driver To Open The Coffin, Then He Got The Shock Of His Life!

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Francis, a 25-year-old cop on a night patrol, stopped the hearse driver and ordered him to open the coffin he was transporting. Then he got the shock of his life. It was a bitterly cold January evening; the street was almost completely deserted. A few people in thick winter jackets could be seen scurrying back home for a hot cup of coffee or a hot shower, perhaps. But not for Francis.

The lone cop was seated in his van, ready to begin his night patrol. Francis was actually supposed to be assisted by his patrol partner that night. However, just before they began their shift, Francis received the call that the man’s pregnant wife had suddenly gone into labor. So he had to go with her. Francis prepared for a boring night. The night began to seem like another peaceful and uneventful night. That was not what Francis wanted. He wanted to partake in some action, thrilling actions like successfully chasing down a criminal or intercepting a large consignment of…….Read Full Story Here……………………..

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