The Owner Couldn’t Believe Her Eyes when She Saw whom Her Horse Gave Birth To

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Tania Mackie of GFS Sport Horses was in for quite a surprise when her mare, Destiny, gave birth to her second set of twin foals after giving birth to her first set of twins in 2018—GFS Shockwave and GFS Aftershock. Destiny shocked the world this February by delivering her second set of twins, Pesky and Peek-a-Boo.

For Destiny, an Irish Sport Horse, to have twins in the first place is a chance of ten thousand to one. However, the mare wasn’t quite done defying the odds, as she went on to give birth to her second set of twins. The odds for a horse to give birth to twins twice are around one million to one. In most cases, twins do not have a high survival rate in horses. Many times, in the case of twins, an embryo is aborted, as there is a high risk of the foals and mother dying during birth or shortly after. This makes Destiny truly incredible, as she gave birth to…..Read Full Story Here.………………….

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