Dark Skin Girl Got Rejected By EVERYONE To Adopt. 20 Years Later, They Regretted It a Lot

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Right from when she was born, dark-skinned L had it difficult. She was abandoned at an orphanage and no one wanted to adopt her. However, one couple decided to take her in despite what everyone said. What happened 20 years later will shock you. For as long as Lota could remember, she had always been unlucky. Nothing ever seemed to work out for her, and on a regular basis, it just seemed as if the world was designed against her.

Lota spent all her life at the orphanage. She had been abandoned there merely 2 days after she had been born, and not even the administrators of the orphanage knew who her parents were. This hurt her deeply because among the orphans, she was the only one who had been abandoned as a baby. The others had an idea who their parents were, and she was the only odd one out. But then, that wasn’t the only reason she stood out.

L had a very striking appearance that was enough to make anybody stop and give her a second look. Right from when she was a baby, she had charcoal black skin. Her skin was of a darker pigmentation than the average black person. Then she also had sparkling eyes that just seemed to grab people’s attention no matter where she was.

Sadly though, these were the same reasons people refused to adopt her. Many of the prospective parents were always excited to get a child to adopt, but the moment they laid eyes on Lota, they either picked another child at the orphanage or went to a different place entirely. This was very hurtful for the little girl, and she didn’t understand what it was about her that made people so terrified of adopting her. However, she didn’t lose hope. She was sure that in due time, she was going to get her loving parents. That belief took a huge blow a few weeks after her 8th birthday.

The matron of the orphanage had urged her to prepare for a visit, as some prospective parents were coming. They wanted a girl between 6 and 10 years old. Seeing as Lota was the only girl available for adoption and who fit the criteria at the time, it was clear that she was going to be picked. Lota was excited about this, and she immediately went about preparing for the visit. She took her time bathing and cleaning herself. She also wore her best clothes because she wanted to impress the potential parents. She was taking her time and savoring the moment because she was certain that it was her last time at the orphanage and she would never get to do all these steps again.

When the prospective parents came, the matron summoned Lota, and with shaky legs, the little girl made her way over. As she walked, she prayed over and over in her heart, asking God to touch the hearts of the couple so that they would take her with them. She was ready to have a home of her own, and she was tired of seeing other children come and leave before her. Soon, the little girl walked into the matron’s office and put her best smile on her face.

She greeted the couple, curtsying a little, just as she had been taught. However, as she looked at the couple, her heart sank like a stone as she noticed their expression. They were staring at her in shock, and at that moment, she saw the disapproval in their eyes. It was almost like a blow to her heart when she realized that they were never going to take her with them.

L felt her eyes fill up with tears, and the moment the matron asked her to leave, she turned and hurried out of the office. But she didn’t go to her room. She hid close to the door and listened to the conversation that ensued, and with every word that fell on her ears, her spirit sank deeper and deeper. The prospective parents said they couldn’t adopt Lota because of her skin color. They were scared of what people would say about them if they did such a thing. They were very particular about their reputation, and they were not willing to ruin it by taking a child like her in.

At this point, L decided that she had enough and finally ran to her room to cry her eyes out. Now she knew why her stay at the orphanage had been so long compared to others. She had heard the hurtful comments, seen the skeptical looks, but still, she couldn’t understand why her skin color had to be an issue. What was wrong with it? After that event, she gave up on being adopted and decided that she was going to live the rest of her life at the orphanage. She no longer looked forward to visits anymore because she knew that they would never take her with them. Instead, she chose to encourage the other children around her who had a better chance.

About a year later, things began to look really hopeful for Lota when a couple began to show interest in her. They spoke to the matron at length, and when they saw her, they were impressed with how well she spoke and the way she carried herself. They told her that they didn’t care about her skin and were happy with her just the way she was. Within a few days, everything was finalized, and Lota was taken to her new home. Sadly, the good news only lasted for 3 days before she was returned to the orphanage.

The couple said that all their friends were talking about L and how dark her skin was and how she stood out among her peers. They kept saying negative things about L and how it would affect the family dynamic they were trying to build. In the end, the couple succumbed to pressure and returned the little girl to the orphanage. This was the last straw for L, and she could barely contain the heartbreak. She cried into her pillow countless nights in a row, and nothing anyone said or did could console her. She believed that she was ugly and as such, no one would want her for anything.

From then on, when it was announced that visitors were coming, she always ran to hide, and she remained hidden until she was sure that the visitors were gone. That way, she would avoid facing the same rejection over and over again. She managed to continue this way for about 6 more years until she was the only child up for adoption. By this time, she was approaching 15 years old, and she didn’t care that visitors were coming. She begged the matron to tell them that there was no child available, but the matron refused and warned her sternly to wear good clothes and come out when called upon.

When Lota came out, she was surprised to find out that it was a young couple. They both looked to be in their 20s, and they were extremely happy to see her. The husband introduced himself as Bo, and the wife said her name was Steph. They told the little girl that they were happy to see her and they would like to know her better. The first time they met, they spoke for hours, and the couple was impressed by her. Also, they found the fact that she wasn’t desperate to be adopted endearing, which meant that everything she was doing was for real and not for show.

While Bo and Steph were impressed by her, all L could think about was being done with the whole thing. She couldn’t dare to hope that it would lead to anything because all she had ever gotten was heartbreak after heartbreak, and she was

not willing to put herself through all that anymore. She only wanted to do as ordered by the matron and then return to her room and await the arrival of more children.

However, Bo and Steph had more plans for her. They were really interested in adopting her, and they had told her that without m words. They told her that they didn’t care about the color of her skin at all. They told her that she was the most beautiful girl in the world, and then they confessed that they were specially captivated by her striking eyes. They admired how she carried herself and how she was almost always quiet except when she had to talk. This told them that she was very well behaved. They then concluded by saying that it would be an honor for them to raise her as their child.

Lota was shocked by their honesty. This was the first time people were saying such things to her, and she was inclined to believe them. Although she was still terrified that Bo and Steph would abandon her like the others, she decided to give them a shot. She was going to live one day at a time, and if they decided to send her back to the orphanage, she promised herself not to feel bad about it.

A few days later, everything was finalized, and they took Lota home with them. To the little girl’s shock, home wasn’t just a few miles away. It included a plane trip all the way to New York, where the couple was living, and it was where L would begin her new life. Everything was a new experience for her, and despite her misgivings about the whole thing, she couldn’t help but feel happy about how things were going for her. Despite all the odds she had faced, she was finally getting something that she had always wanted, and she was so happy about it.

Bo and Steph enrolled her into a private school close to their house, and they really put in the work to becoming the best parents any child could ask for. They provided everything she could possibly need for a comfortable life, and they made sure that L knew that she always had a friend in them, so that she could tell them about anything that was bothering her.

They could also tell that Lota was self-conscious about her skin and the way people looked at her, so they made sure that they always told her that she was beautiful and unique. They told her that she had no reason to be shy or ashamed about her body because it was the one thing that made her stand out from the others. Until she started accepting herself for who she really was, she couldn’t expect others to do the same.

All this did a lot to bolster Lota’s confidence in herself, and over time, she stopped being self-conscious. She stopped wondering what people said about her body and her skin color. When she walked along the busy streets of New York and felt people staring at her, she told herself that they were staring at her because she was the most beautiful girl in the world. It made her walk even prouder and with more swagger to her steps.

As time went on, she realized that she couldn’t keep her parents’ valuable lessons to herself. So, she did well to share them with others, just as she had always been there to support her brothers and sisters who lived in the orphanage with her. She decided to do the same online. She opened an Instagram account and then began making posts encouraging girls and teenagers to always be strong and stand up for themselves. She gave them words of advice and assured them that as long as they believed, things would always go well for them.

This was how Lota’s life went. Living with Bo and Steph exposed her to a world she had never before known existed, and she was so happy. Many times, she thanked her stars that her matron had forced her to meet them because she couldn’t imagine how things would have been had she remained at the orphanage. Everyone knew that the older one got, the less likely they were to be adopted. Bo and Steph had saved her from growing into an adult at the orphanage, and it was something she was eternally grateful for. Lota was ready to enjoy her life to the fullest.

However, something was going to happen that would shake that life to its very core. Twenty years after her adoption, long after her high school and college, Lota went out with some colleagues from work. They had decided to go for a bit of shopping in one of the numerous shopping malls dotted across the streets of New York. It was a fun experience for L, and while she was having a good time with her friends, she decided to take a selfie with one of her friends. And like a number of pictures she had taken in the past, she decided to upload it on her Instagram handle.

This picture, unlike the others she had uploaded in the past, got more likes than usual, and also managed to snag the attention of James. A man living in Singapore, prior to that moment, he had always seen Lota’s pictures on his timeline, and he was always quick to drop nasty comments under each picture of her. He always had something terrible to say about her pictures or the color of her skin, but Lota never really paid him any attention because she was always more focused on the people who were responding positively to her. She didn’t have time for haters.

James didn’t like the fact that she was ignoring him, and when Lota took that selfie at the mall, he decided to make her pay. He shared the picture on his own timeline and wrote a lengthy caption, mocking everything about her. He made fun of her skin color and her eyes. He made fun of the fact that she was adopted and was not even hiding that fact. Everything at all that he could say about her, he said it and tried to make her a laughing stock. He was sure this would work because he had a large following. He then posted it all and relaxed to watch L’s reputation crumble before his very eyes.

Sadly, James’s plan worked like a charm. Many people made fun of Lota, and hundreds of them flocked to her timeline, leaving scathing comments and remarks about her skin color. Many of them urged her to go offline and stop deceiving herself. So many horrible things were said to her, and over time, they started really affecting the young woman. The self-confidence and shield of positivity she had surrounded herself with were crumbling all around her under the immense hate she was getting. This was worse than anything she had ever experienced, and when it became too much to bear, she decided to leave social media altogether.

She prioritized her mental health, and nothing else mattered. The morning after she made the decision, she waited until she was done with breakfast so she could delete the picture she had uploaded and then close her account. However, when she went online, the atmosphere had changed. She realized that the very picture of her that James had shared had gone viral, garnering over a million likes in just a few days. And even better, there were many people supporting her now than there were hating on her.

Many of them saw that L was beautiful, and they encouraged her to be confident. The effect of this was not just on the pictures. The number of her followers also exploded almost overnight. At least more than 100,000 new people had joined our small online community, and more were still joining by the hour. People were going through all her old posts, her pictures, and captions where she was encouraging people to believe in themselves and to be strong. She had such a strong message that it was impossible for them to hate her. They couldn’t get enough of her, and they wanted more.

Loa got even more famous with each passing day, and soon, brands began to capitalize on her audience. They asked her to promote their products on her social media platform, and she did this happily, being paid handsomely for it. But things went even steeper when she was approached to act as a model for one of the most popular clothing lines in the world. This was way beyond promoting goods on her Instagram; this was a total upgrade from her life, and she knew she couldn’t take that decision alone.

She told Bo and Steph about the opportunity, and they encouraged her to do what she wanted. They told her that they were totally in support of whatever it was she decided to do. She wanted to do it. Her parents didn’t just support her; they helped her in any way they could. They helped her hire a manager so she wouldn’t get overwhelmed by everything, and that marked the total change in Lota’s life for good.

As she promoted more and more brands all over the world, walking across fashion runways in different cities, she only became more famous. Soon, she appeared on TV, and almost every online magazine and blog was talking about her. Everyone was enamored by the black beauty who stood out from everyone else and wasn’t shy about it. Thanks to her numerous gigs, Lota was able to rake in a fortune, and just like that, her family status improved. Things were so much better for them, and everyone who knew the story of how they had taken in the little girl who had been rejected by everyone else. All everyone could say was that Bo and Steph deserved it all.

Sadly, not everyone felt this way. Due to Lota’s unique skin color and the fact that she maintained the same shade of black into her adulthood, many of the parents who had rejected her back when she was at the orphanage recognized her. Now that she was famous and making a lot of money, they began to regret not taking her with them. They were jealous of Bo and Steph and believed that if only they had taken Lota as she was, they would have been the ones enjoying all the status. Thankfully, there was nothing they could do about it, and they could only go through their regrets in silence.

Meanwhile, Lota got more and more famous. She kept on getting modeling jobs, and she was soon a multi-millionaire. She kept making her parents proud. For her, she knew that it was the least she could do after all they had done for her. They had taken her in and given her a home. She was happy that she could do this one thing to make all their lives better, and she swore that she would never stop making them proud.

What an inspiring story!

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