Hearse Driver Picks Up THIS Woman Near a Cemetery, Then He Discovers Something Shocking

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As a hearse driver, Julian spent his days transporting caskets from the morgue to funeral grounds. One of the downsides of his job was having direct contact with corpses and also getting to see the bereaved families in their weakest moments. When he had just gotten the job, Julian realized that he would always weep with bereaved families, but with time, he learned to suppress his emotions and be more professional; death was inevitable anyway.

A satisfied sigh escaped Julian’s mouth; he was finally done for the day. He usually looked forward to meeting his little daughter at the close of his work every day, but she was currently at her grandparents’. Julian’s thoughts went to Amira as a warm smile spread across his face. Amira was the sole reason he worked so hard after Amira’s mom had died.

Julian swore he would do his best to give her the best in life; he hadn’t gone to college, so he couldn’t find a corporate job. He resigned to being a hearse driver as a last resort. Surprisingly, the pay was more than he had thought; if anyone had told him he could pay his rent and house bills effortlessly with a hearse driver’s salary, he might have doubted, but here he was, enjoying what he did.

Julian was driving along the public cemetery when he saw the silhouette of a lady in the distance. The sun was already setting, casting long shadows across the road. Julian drove close to where she was walking and, through to his suspicions, it was indeed a lady in her 20s. Her torn clothes and disheveled appearance caught his attention.

Taking a closer look at her, Julian realized that she walked with a limp. He wondered why a beautiful lady would be walking along the cemetery alone at that odd time of the day with torn clothes. Intrigued, Julian called out to her with a soft voice, “Hey there, is everything all right with you?” The lady looked at Julian for some fleeting seconds but didn’t stop walking.

Julian’s concern grew by the seconds; he couldn’t just drive past her without at least making sure everything was okay with her. Not wasting any more time, Julian pulled the car to the side and alighted it. Taking a few cautious steps towards her, Julian could see her better. “Are you okay?” Julian asked again. “Where are you headed?” The woman looked up at Julian, her eyes filled with a mixture of fear and confusion.

She was unsure of how to respond; she couldn’t remember much, just a sense of overwhelming dread. Sensing her distress, Julian decided not to push further with his questions; if anything, it seemed to make her more confused. He offered to give her a lift to wherever she needed to go. The lady was hesitant at first, casting glances from Julian to the car and back to Julian. Julian knew she was contemplating her options and whether she could trust them, so he gave her all the time she needed. Finally, she reluctantly accepted, climbing into the passenger seat of the hearse.

As they drove, Julian tried to get to know more about her, but the only information he got was her name: Lisa. Concluding that his questions weren’t yielding much, Julian tried to make small talk, hoping to ease Lisa’s nerves, but Lisa remained silent, lost in her own thoughts. Julian didn’t know what to do at that moment; Lisa had not told him where she lived or where she would like to go. He wasn’t even sure she remembered any of that. His last resort was to take Lisa to his house; he would let her eat and sleep, and maybe that would help her memory.

After what felt like an eternity, they arrived at Julian’s modest home. He led Lisa inside, offering her his warm clothes to wear after she had a hot bath. As she dressed up, Julian quickly rushed to prepare a hot meal for her.

When the food was ready, Lisa ate hungrily, like someone who had not eaten in days, with her eyes darting around the room nervously. Julian couldn’t shake the feeling of unease as he watched Lisa; he also couldn’t deny that he was oddly attracted to her. Even in her confused state, her beauty was breathtaking. Julian kicked himself back to reality, but deep down in his heart, he knew he couldn’t leave Lisa alone, not knowing what she had been through.

As the night wore on, Julian tried to get more information from Lisa, but she could only remember fragments of her past. Her name was Lisa; she was 26 and the only child of her parents; that was all she could remember. Seeing that she was exhausted, Julian let her sleep in his bedroom. As Julian watched Lisa drift off into an uneasy sleep, he couldn’t help but worry about her. What had really happened to her? Would she ever remember?

The next morning, Lisa woke up with a start. Her memories were slowly returning in fragments. She panicked, not knowing where she was or how she got there. Julian was quick to act; he rushed to her side to calm her down. Julian reminded her of how he had found her on the road near the cemetery. Slowly, Lisa’s panic subsided, giving way to an outburst of emotions. Lisa broke down in tears and begged Julian not to let her go. “Please don’t let them get me, Julian,” she sobbed. “I’d rather die than go back there.”

Julian was all the more confused. He was glad that Lisa had begun to remember her past, but a deep sense of dread filled him as he wondered the magnitude of what Lisa was talking about. Tears filled Lisa’s eyes as she opened up to Julian about her life and the series of events that had led to that very moment. Lisa was the only child of Richard and Beth.

Richard, in a bit to make ends meet, had worked for a mafia boss called Pedro. He steadily climbed the ladder of hierarchy in the sect until he fell into some financial issues. Richard, unfortunately, fell into deep debt with the notorious mafia boss, owing him a sum of money he could never repay. And as time went by, the interest mounted. In a desperate bid to force Richard to pay up, Pedro schemed an evil plan to kidnap Lisa, Richard’s beloved daughter. He would use her as leverage to get Richard to pay up as soon as possible.

Lisa was on her way back from grocery shopping when some masked men overpowered her. Lisa had tried to scream, but she was immediately silenced with a hit to her head, sending her reeling as she suddenly became unconscious.

When Lisa regained consciousness, she found herself in an empty room with nothing but a bunk bed and a well-barricaded window. She screamed and called for help, but it was all futile. Yet, she wouldn’t give up; she would scream and bang at the metal door endlessly until her strength failed her. The only time she saw someone was when a guard would bring her food; this happened only once a day for three agonizing days.

Lisa was held captive by Pedro’s men; when her disturbance became too much for the men to bear, they injected her with a mysterious drug that weakened her. All of a sudden, it was as if her strength was sapped from her; all she could do was lie on the bare ground and stare at the ceiling. The drug didn’t just weaken her; it also clouded her mind and erased her memories. Lisa existed in a hazy blur of fear and confusion, unable to comprehend why she was being held captive or where she was.

On the sixth day of her captivity, Lisa’s chance for freedom came unexpectedly. As Pedro’s henchmen transported her to yet another hidden location, Lisa brewed an escape plan; her dull mind working up a plan, she called the attention of the two men guarding her. With a mixture of fear and desperation, she demanded to be allowed out of the car to pee.

Reluctantly, the men gave into her request; their guard momentarily lowered as a result of the urgency of Lisa’s plea. They led her out of the car and led her to a nearby bush to do her business. As the men stood a few meters away from her, inclined to give her as much privacy as possible, Lisa knew it was then or never.

She sprang into action immediately; with adrenaline coursing through her veins, Lisa bolted from her captors, running far into the bush as fast as her feet could carry her. She ran until she came across a nearby graveyard; Lisa hid among the tombstones, her breath coming in ragged gasps as she waited for the henchmen to give up their pursuit.

For hours, Lisa remained hidden, her senses on high alert until she was certain the coast was clear. Emerging from her hiding place, she ventured cautiously into the road, praying to God for a miracle. It seemed her prayers were answered almost immediately as Julian had come driving along the road at that moment.

As Julian listened to her story, his heart went out to her. He was deeply moved that she had gone through all that for something she had no hand in. At the same time, Julian was also filled with dread and trepidation; he knew it was far from over.

The henchmen were still out there looking for her, and Lisa’s parents would be in danger too. Julian couldn’t help but gaze at Lisa; he just knew he couldn’t turn his back on her now, not when she needed them the most.

At that moment, Lisa met his gaze, and their eyes locked. Julian felt electric waves pulse through him; he could stare at her all day and night. He had never felt something so strong for a woman he barely knew; they had a mystery to solve, but all of that could wait. At that moment, Julian was sure about one thing: he was in love with the way Lisa stared back at him too. Refusing to break eye contact, he could feel she felt the same way too.

Julian quickly dowed himself back to reality; he couldn’t be thinking about feelings and love when someone’s life was in danger. Thinking quickly, Julian decided to involve the police in the case. At first, he tried to speak to them over the phone, but on second thought, decided against it.

What if the mafia boss had the technology to trace and monitor calls? What if his call got intercepted and led the bad guy straight to them? Julian couldn’t tell if he was being paranoid, but he wasn’t going to take chances. He resolved to drive to the station himself; it was only a 30-minute drive from his house anyway.

When he told Lisa, she asked to come with him, but Julian would have none of that; it was too dangerous. But Lisa remained adamant; staying alone in the house would trigger her anxiety, and she couldn’t bear to stay without Julian. After much back and forth, Julian grudgingly allowed Lisa to come with him; on second thought, he felt somewhat relieved that she had come with him.

Their trip to the station took an unexpected turn when Julian noticed that they were being followed. In a bid to be certain, Julian took a wrong turn into another street, and the strange car followed suit. He quickly veered off into a lonely path in order to evade the vehicle, but unfortunately, he was intercepted by a black SUV.

Completely back to a wall, Julian stepped out of the car as three hefty men approached them from the cars. Lisa let out a loud scream as she recognized her captors. Julian’s blood ran cold with fear, but he stood his ground; he would defend Lisa even if he died in the process; they would never take her as long as he still had fighting power within him.

As the men approached with quick strides, Julian knew he had to employ his skills as a black belt holder in order to overpower three men. With quick thinking and reflexes, Julian fought back against the assailants, his adrenaline pumping as he defended himself and Lisa. In the end, his fighting skills granted him victory as he sent the men fleeing, but in the chaos of the struggle, Julian sustained a deep injury: a deep gash inflicted by a penknife one of the men had wielded cowardly. Julian spat as the men scurried away; “Who brings a knife to a fist fight?” he thought, totally forgetting their initial mission.

Julian got back into the car with Lisa, who was visibly shaken, and drove back home; it was unsafe to continue their journey to the police station; who knew there may be yet another ambush waiting for them. Back home, Lisa tended to Julian’s wounds, employing her knowledge in first aid treatment. It was already dark, and the only chirping of crickets filled the air.

Julian sat patiently as Lisa did her work on him; he couldn’t help but feel her gentle touch on his skin ignite sparks of electricity within him. As their eyes met in the dim light of the living room, a sensual feeling was aroused within them. There and then, the lovebirds shared their first kiss; it was a silent acknowledgment of a bond that had formed between them even in the midst of all this chaos and danger.

That same night, it dawned on them that their problems were far from over. Lisa knew the next line of action for Pedro and his henchmen would be to go after her parents; Pedro didn’t like to lose; he would do everything in his power to get what he wanted. Lisa knew this and decided to act fast; she knew that her family would not be staying at their house as that would be the first place Pedro would look.

She also knew where they would go to lay low for a while, and that was where she and Julian stormed after that night. Through her calculations, Lisa’s parents were hiding out at one of their friends’ houses. They were incredibly relieved to see their daughter alive and very grateful towards Julian. The family stayed at Julian’s place for the night with plans to fly to a different state the following morning.

As Lisa’s family settled in, Julian had a private moment with Lisa; she would be leaving the next morning with her family, and he wanted to spend the little time he had left with her. Julian felt a surge of emotions wash over him as his eyes locked with Lisa’s in a moment of affection. They stayed up all night talking about what the future might hold for them.

Lisa chose to let Julian in on her fears; she admitted that she had never really found happiness; she felt haunted and always had a strange feeling that she might not really live long to enjoy happiness if she found one. Julian, on the other hand, loved Lisa. He didn’t care if she was broken; he wanted Lisa, and he wanted her to stay with him. He couldn’t bear to see her leave the next morning with her family.

Julian would have gone with them to prove how badly he wanted Lisa, but that town was his home. He couldn’t just leave; it was where he had found his late wife and where his daughter, Amber, called home. He wasn’t ready to sever that connection. As the night slowly gave way to dawn, Julian and Lisa shared a moment of intimacy. In those fleeting moments, they found solace in each other’s arms.

As the day dawned, Julian walked to find Lisa and her family gone. Lisa had left a goodbye note, thanking Julian for everything he had done for them. She also enclosed her new address in case he decided to visit. With a heavy heart, Julian read Lisa’s words of gratitude and farewell, his eyes brimming with tears as he realized the depth of her impact on his life.

Two years later, Julian decided to finally pay a visit to Lisa and her family. Not a day had passed without him wishing to see her again; he had endured her absence for so long, and when he couldn’t bear it anymore, he decided to go meet her. Julian was ready to give their love a chance; he didn’t care about the possibilities of it not working; all he wanted was to be with Lisa.

Unfortunately, as Julian stood before Lisa’s dad, it dawned on him that he was too late. Lisa had died in her sleep a week before he arrived. Julian felt his world shatter; he blamed himself countless times for not coming earlier. But in that moment of anguish, a one-year-old boy staggered into the room, and Julian’s eyes fell on him. The baby was his carbon copy. Julian needed no suits to tell him that it was his own flesh and blood. Lisa’s family confirmed that he was indeed Julian’s baby; she had become pregnant after their night of intimacy.

Lisa had intentionally kept it from Julian; she just didn’t want it to be an extra burden to him. Julian wept profusely as he embraced his boy in his arms; he was grieved at Lisa’s death, but with his little boy, he finally had someone to remember Lisa by.

What would you have done in Julian’s shoes?

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