Doctors Find What’s Growing Inside his NOSE, After Man Has Intense Itch For Years And He Was Surprised

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Having an itchy nose and persistently sneezing is undeniably annoying. It’s frustrating, it’s irritating, and it can really get on your nerves if that itch just won’t go away and keeps making you sneeze. But when 38-year-old Robbie from New York found out the reason behind his itch, it blew not only his mind but also the mind of the doctor.

This incredible story might seem too weird to believe, but it’s absolutely true. Sneezing had become a regular occurrence for Robbie, no matter where he was. There was never a moment without a sneeze. And this all came back to the fact that his nose was incredibly itchy—not just a little itchy, but a crazy, “I wish I could just pull my nose off” kind of itchy.

He had always put it down to allergies or maybe hay fever, but being the stubborn man that he was, he refused to go see a doctor about it. “My thought process was always like, why should I go see a doctor just because I was sneezing?” said Robbie, thinking back to his……Read Full Story Here……….

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