Elderly Man Sees Wife Digging Though Dumpster – He Is Shocked When He Sees Why

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Edward had to double check when he thought that he saw his wife of 40 years digging through a dumpster in the city center, but there was no way around it—it was her. He just could not understand why they had it so good at home, but his wife Lily had a good reason for her strange behavior—a reason that would end up shocking Edward to his core.

“What on Earth are you doing, Leonard?” exclaimed shock seizing his voice. He began to hurry over, his heart pounding a rhythm of confusion and concern in his chest. His wife looked up, surprise flickering across her face.

“Leonard, you’re early,” she muttered, wiping her hands on her faded apron. “I didn’t expect you back so soon.”

Leonard took a moment, trying to absorb the sight of his beloved wife, her usually neat attire splattered with grime “But Josephine, why are you in there? This… it’s not like you.”Josephine sighed, an almost sheepish smile flickering on her lips. “Well,” she started, her voice soft, “there’s a……Read Full Story Here.……..

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