Girl Calls 911 And Says: “Mom Sleeps All Day” ,Then Cops Shocked Seeing What’s Really Going On

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Sophie woke up one morning to find her mother still asleep. This was very unusual because her mother always woke up before her. When she tried to wake her mother, she noticed that nothing worked, and as the hours passed, her mother remained asleep. Sophie started to feel that something could be wrong, so she called the only number she remembered: 9-1-1.

“What’s your emergency?” the 911 operator asked. This was the only number she knew to call because her mother had told her to memorize it for emergencies. Tears welled up in her eyes as she paused before answering.

“My Mommy has been asleep all day,” Sophie said, her heart pounding in her chest as she talked to the operator. The 911 operator was shocked to hear such a small child on the other side of the line. He quickly got an image of the situation and sent police and an ambulance to her address.

When the police arrived at the apartment building, getting inside seemed to be harder than they thought. They knew there was only one thing they could do to get inside. But when the officers were finally able to enter the house, they were shocked by what they saw.

What did the officer see, and what was going on with Sophie’s mother? Will she get better? It was just the two of them—Sophie, who was only 4 years old, and her mother, Hannah. Sophie’s father had never been in the picture; he left them as soon as Hannah told him about her pregnancy. But he wasn’t missed.

Hannah had always made sure that Sophie was well cared for. Mornings were their favorite time of the day. They would wake up, eat breakfast together, and Hannah would play music and dance in the kitchen with her daughter. Then Sophie would go to daycare, and Hannah would go to work. But today was different, and Sophie could sense it from the start.

As soon as Sophie woke up, she felt something different about her mother. Her mother wasn’t her usual happy self and could barely open her eyes. Usually, Hannah would turn off the alarm clock, but she hadn’t moved since it went off. Sophie got up to turn it off and sat next to her mother, staring at her. “She must be very tired,” Sophie thought. She was too young to understand that something could be terribly wrong.

Sophie took it upon herself to get dressed and go to the living room, expecting her mother to follow her shortly. But her mother never did. Time ticked by, and Sophie’s mother was still sound asleep in bed. Sophie turned on the TV and watched her usual morning show, but her tummy eventually started to growl. Why wasn’t her mother waking up and dancing in the kitchen as usual?

So, she decided to check up on her one more time. Sophie slowly opened the door to her mother’s bedroom. “Mom?” she asked worriedly. “Are you awake? I’m hungry.” But there came no response. She carefully walked over to the bed and climbed on top, calling out to her mother again. She now began to feel really worried as her mother still did not respond.

Sophie’s heart began to race, and panic rose in her little body. Tears started welling up in her eyes, and she felt helpless. She didn’t know what to do, but by now, she knew something was wrong. Sophie’s mother had told her about a number she could call if something went wrong. She had no idea who this person was or what they did.

Sophie ran downstairs, grabbed the phone, and tried hard to remember that number. After a moment of hesitation, she figured it out: 911. With trembling fingers, she dialed the number and held the phone close to her ear as she ran back to her mother. “Don’t worry, Mommy,” she said. “I will get you some help.”

“911, what’s your emergency?” a man asked on the other end of the line. “My Mommy has been sleeping all day,” Sophie said. The man on the other line seemed to be surprised by Sophie’s voice. “What’s her name, darling?” he asked kindly. “Sophie,” she said confidently. “Can you come and help me?” “You said your mom is asleep all day. Is your daddy around?” Sophie, the man asked. “No,” Sophie replied. “It’s just me and my mommy, but she never woke up this morning.” “All right, Sophie. I need you to stay on the line, okay?” the operator said. “Where’s your mommy now?” “She’s in the bed in her room,” Sophie answered.

“All right, darling. You’re doing really well. Do you know where you live?” Sophie told the operator her address and waited. She stayed on the line with the operator the whole time, answering all his questions. He asked if her mother was hurt, if she was breathing, and other important questions. But it was taking a very long time for the ambulance to arrive. Sophie was only 4 years old, and she had no track of time, but she could sense that the ambulance should have been there by now. She didn’t even hear the sirens yet.

She stayed by her mother’s side, offering reassuring words, not knowing if her mother would recover. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, Sophie heard the sirens. She ran to the living room to wait for them to arrive. She could hear heavy footsteps running up the stairs of their apartment building and stopping in front of their door.

Sophie heard men yelling, “I’m here,” and she answered. Her heart was pounding in her chest, and she had never experienced something like this before. “Sophie, we need you to open the door for us,” someone yelled from the other side. That wasn’t as easy as they thought. Sophie was way too small to reach the doorknob. She tried to stand on her toes to reach the handle, but she couldn’t. She could only touch it with her fingertips.

“I can’t reach it,” Sophie said. But she wasn’t about to give up. She knew she had to open the door for those men; otherwise, they could never help her mother. There was a little black box in the middle of the dining table. Sophie climbed on top and placed the box in front of the door. She stepped on it and tried to reach the doorknob, but she was still too small.

There had to be something she could use, she thought. And suddenly, it dawned upon her. A chair, of course! Why didn’t she think of that before? Sophie quickly ran back to the table and grabbed a chair, but it was too heavy for the little girl to lift. She tried tugging it towards the door, but the chair got caught on a rug and slowly began to tilt.

As the chair began to tilt, Sophie tipped and fell on the ground face first. She couldn’t turn around fast enough to see that the chair was slowly leaning her way. Before she knew it, the chair fell on top of her. Sophie screamed as the hardwood and chair trapped her on the ground. Luckily, she wasn’t hurt, but she couldn’t get up anymore. The chair was too heavy for her to lift off.

“I’m here!” the man asked her. They could hear the rumbling noises and Sophie’s screams through the door.

“I’m stuck!” Sophie cried. She felt devastated. Her mother was still asleep in the room, and all she wanted was to help her. Now she was trapped under a chair, and there was no way for her to open the door.

The police knew what to do next. “Don’t worry, Sophie. We’ll be with you in a minute.” But how would the officers enter the house if the door was locked? Then she heard something. She heard the police officers mumbling outside the door, and it almost sounded like a few of them were walking down the stairs again.

Sophie’s little mind instantly feared that they had given up and were about to leave her. “Please don’t leave me,” she cried. “We wouldn’t leave you, darling,” an officer responded. “We’re just grabbing a few supplies from downstairs. Hold on tight, and don’t be scared. You will hear a loud bang in a couple of seconds. Listen carefully and try to stay as calm as possible, all right?” Sophie, a second officer said, “Cover your ears, Sophie.”

Sophie closed her eyes and put her hands over her ears. She had no idea what was going to happen next but trusted that the officers were there to help her. Her heart was beating in her chest, and suddenly, the officers started counting down from 3 to 1. A loud blow echoed through the living room, making the floor shake a little. Sophie was about to lift her hands off her ears when another blow pounded through their apartment.

Sophie wanted to see what they were trying to do, so she carefully opened one eye. She heard a third blow and could see the door move a little. Then she realized that they were trying to break down the door with something. A fourth blow was slammed against the door, and she could now see splinters flying off. Sophie quickly closed her eyes again and waited for it all to be over.

But suddenly, the blows stopped. Sophie opened her eyes and was worried to see that the door was still in place. Why did they stop? When breaking the door didn’t seem to work, the police had to think of another way. Sophie could hear the police officers speaking to each other, but it didn’t sound promising.

So she decided to take matters into her own hands. She was done being trapped on the floor and wanted to help her mother. She carefully looked around her, and suddenly, Sophie noticed that the legs of the chair were still on the rug. She reached with her arm to see if she could get her fingers in between the chair and the carpet, and to her surprise, it worked.

Sophie took a deep breath because she knew the next part would be very difficult. She had to muster all her strength to push the leg away. It hadn’t worked before, but she didn’t want to give up. Sophie counted down in her head and gave the chair one big push. To her surprise, the chair began to move, and Sophie was finally free.

She cheered for herself and was so proud of her determination. She immediately ran to her mother to tell her what she had accomplished, but painfully, she was still sleeping. Then, all of a sudden, Sophie heard a loud bang. She rushed to the living room to see if the police were finally able to enter, and they were.

Sophie ran into the arms of one of the officers and quickly led them to her mother. Within seconds, the apartment was filled with police officers and paramedics. None of the officers around them seemed happy; in fact, they looked shocked. The paramedics hurried Sophie’s mother onto the stretcher. Sophie didn’t understand why everyone was in such a hurry to leave the room.

They put Sophie and her mother in an ambulance and drove to the nearest hospital as quickly as possible. Sophie knew her mother would be well cared for, but she couldn’t help but wonder why the police were so shocked when they entered their house. She knew she had made a bit of a mess, but she hoped it wasn’t too bad.

Little did she know that it wasn’t about the mess at all. There was something else inside their apartment that explained everything, but Sophie was too young to understand. She would have to wait for her mother to wake up, and only then would the police explain everything.

At the hospital, they hooked Sophie’s mother up to various machines, which looked terrifying to Sophie. She had no idea what the machines were for. Fortunately, Sophie’s grandmother arrived soon after they had contacted her and asked her to come. Sophie was ecstatic to see a familiar face after such a hectic day. She ran to her grandmother, snuggled up in her arms, and told her everything.

Things didn’t seem to get any better for Hannah, but after a few hours, she slowly began to wake up. Hannah moved her head from side to side and slowly opened her eyes. She was very confused about what had happened and didn’t realize she was in the hospital at first. But Sophie proudly told her how brave she was and that she was the one who called 911.

Shortly after Hannah woke up, the police entered her room. They began to ask her what had happened, but Hannah had no idea. She had gone to bed feeling a bit sick, but the rest was all very blurry. The officers looked very serious and wrote everything down.

When the officers were finally able to enter the apartment, they immediately noticed something unusual. There was a specific smell lingering around, but they didn’t connect it to anything yet. However, as soon as they entered Hannah’s bedroom, they were shocked to realize that the smell had worsened, probably coming from there.

They immediately investigated the situation and found mold growing behind the bed, behind the closet, and in some corners of the ceiling. The toxic mold was slowly spreading throughout their home and was likely the reason why Hannah was so sick and drowsy. The mold was toxic, and if Sophie hadn’t called 911, it could have been very bad for both of them.

Hannah was so proud of her daughter for handling the situation so well and felt guilty for not noticing the mold sooner. Sophie was also checked for any symptoms, but luckily, she was perfectly healthy. The doctors couldn’t explain why the mold had affected Hannah and not Sophie, but they were relieved it did.

As soon as Hannah started to feel better, she called the building’s concierge to explain the situation. There was no way they could go back if there was still mold inside. The owner of the apartment building was shocked to hear what had happened and immediately checked all the apartments for mold as well. It turned out that there was a significant mold outbreak in the building, and every apartment had to be cleaned.

It was a big operation that took several weeks to be completed. Everyone in the building was shocked that this had happened and sent their good wishes to Hannah and Sophie. Sophie was forever changed after this eventful day, but in a positive way. She felt more confident in who she was and more independent as well. She was very proud that she had saved her mother, and the mold never returned to their apartment.

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