Girl Gets Kicked Out of Bank Because She’s Black. What She Does Next Is Very Surprising

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“When a visually impaired girl asks for help at the bank, she’s constantly ignored and eventually kicked out of the bank because she’s black. But what she does next is very surprising.

Josie’s day was going from bad to worse. She’d been humiliated in front of the entire bank, and now the cops had been called. All she’d wanted to do was gain some independence, and this was what happened. The young girl sat on the bench with the security guard from the bank and began to cry. She hadn’t even done anything wrong, but by the time the bank staff had finished telling lies to the police, she would probably get arrested.

The young woman wiped the tears from her cheeks and tried to stop crying. Her eyes were already hurting without this added stress. It had taken a long time for her to build up the confidence to start doing things without her mother’s help, but maybe it hadn’t been such a good idea. When Josie saw the……Read Full Story Here..………….

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