Man Installs Camera On Toilet – He Turns Pale When Seeing The Footage

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After making sure the bathroom was empty, Jacob quickly installed the camera. Only minutes later, he was already back in his office, looking at the security footage on his screen. Very quickly, he saw a woman enter the bathroom and do something unexpected. She obviously had no idea that she was being recorded. Jacob turned pale after seeing what this woman did.

Jacob’s eyes widened as he stared at the screen, and he gasped. Immediately, he jumped up and ran into the bathroom, wanting to catch that woman in the act. He couldn’t call the police just yet; he needed to catch her red-handed. He ran in there as quickly as he could, but when he slammed open the door of the ladies’ bathroom, it was empty.

Where is she? I can’t let her escape!” She was gone. He hurried back to the bathroom, wanting to take a better look. That woman… why had she come here? You see, she had been holding a bag when she entered the restroom. At first, Jacob had thought that she was just a random guest and had nothing to do with… well, with what he suspected was……Read Full Story Here……………..

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